Putin To Meet Trump And ‘Make America Great Again’

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Putin to meet Trump to help make America great again

Vladimir Putin has said he is ready and willing to meet with President-elect Donald Trump to help him make America great again. 

The Russian President recently answered questions from journalists who wanted to know whether he would be meeting with Trump any time soon.

We are ready at any moment. There are no problems from our side,” Putin responded, according to part of an interview transcript released by the Kremlin.

According to AP:

Putin said that “it’s widely known that the elected president of the United States has publicly called for the normalization of the Russian-American relationship. We cannot but support this.”

He added that “we understand it will not be a simple task considering the extent of degradation of the Russian-American relationship. But we are prepared to do our bit.”

Putin said, however, that a meeting between the two leaders was more likely after Trump’s January inauguration.

The Russian leader previously hinted that a meeting between the two world leaders was on the cards immediately after the elections, when he declared Trump’s victory a triumph over “the globalists’ destructive agenda,” and a “defeat against the New World Order.

The American people stood up against the media, the banks, the establishment, everything was against them, but they said enough. They want change,” Putin announced.

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