Questions Swirl After Democrat Eric Swalwell Is Accused Of Sexual Harassment

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Questions swirl after Eric Swalwel is accused of sexual assault

California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell is refusing to answer allegations of a sexual harassment lawsuit that he allegedly settled while in Congress. 

According to journalist Mike Cernovich, Swalwell (D-CA) has remained tight-lipped on questions Cernovich posed to him about the scandal. reports: Two weeks ago Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) joined Sandra Smith on America’s Newsroom to discuss the ongoing Mueller witch hunt.

Swalwell told Smith that Trump has been sitting on Mueller’s questions for six months –

Prosecutions of this magnitude, this number of witnesses, this number of foreign transactions, and how long the Russians plotted this, they take years. Now when you tamper with witnesses, when you obstruct justice, when you lie to investigators, it takes longer and when the President refuses to answer questions that have already been turned over to him six months ago, it’s going to take longer.

Bloomberg and others reported in October that Mueller had just delivered his questions to the Trump lawyers in October.

We questioned how Swalwell could even know if the President was refusing to answer questions. Who on Mueller’s team was leaking this to the corrupt Democrat Party? Also, should a member of the House of Representatives be lying and claiming the President of the United States is tampering with witnesses, obstructing justice, and lying to investigators with no known evidence to back it up?

This weekend Swalwell tweeted “a good lesson for all the kids is the truth always comes out”. Along with the tweet Swalwell attached NPR’s fake news article that attempted at framing the President’s son, Donald Trump, Jr, as being involved with Russia collusion based on a total lie – yes, the truth does always come out –

Swalwell’s tweet prompted Mike Cernovich to respond to Swalwell by asking if Swalwell would sign an affidavit under oath stating that he never settled a sexual harassment lawsuit while in Congress –

Swalwell is the perfect example of today’s Democrat Party – corrupt, dishonest, power mad and fearful of the truth. To think rumors are this guy is thinking about running for President!