Rand Paul: If You Want Legitimate Elections, ‘Put People in Jail’ for Voter Fraud

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Rand Paul says if you want legitimate elections in the U.S. you need to jail people for voter fraud

Sen. Rand Paul called for people who commit voter fraud to be put in jail to ensure legitimate elections are conducted in the future.

Senator Paul’s remarks follow the Senate Homeland Committee’s hearing regarding allegations of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

During a Thursday Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Paul insisted that residents who commit voter fraud should face harsh punishments in order to ensure U.S. elections are considered “legitimate.”

“[T]here is a serious point here: And I think if you want less fraud in our elections, you want elections to be legitimate, and considered legitimate, you have to punish those who committed fraud,” Paul told host Maria Bartiromo.

“So, 1,500 people were ineligible to vote because they were deceased in Nevada.”

“Whoever did that needs to go to jail,” the senator continued.

“Four thousand illegal aliens voted,” he added.

“They need to not be allowed to vote, but whoever allowed it to happen needs to go to jail.”

“It needs to be fixed.”

“So, we really do have a lot of work to try to make sure our elections are legitimate.”


Paul then declared:

“[I]f you don’t put people in jail for stuffing the ballot box, then you will get more of it.”

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