Rand Paul: ‘We’re Going To Shut Down Biden’s Disinfo Board’

Fact checked

Senator Rand Paul has announced that he is working with lawmakers to dissolve Biden’s so-called Disinformation Governance Board.

Paul made his comments on Monday during an appearance on Fox News’ ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

Breitbart reports: The Kentucky Republican lawmaker said he opposed policing news organizations and argued determinations about “disinformation” should be left up to the public.

“We’re going to shut it down,” he said. “And I’m busily getting signatures from other senators. There is a way that we can get it onto the calendar. And there is perhaps a way we can actually get a vote. It’s not very easy when the Democrats control things, but I’m going to do everything I possibly can to get a vote to defund this organization. Boy, is it any — is it not with amazement you see how far that they have come from Kennedy’s Democrat Party? This is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party anymore. So much for the marketplace of ideas. They have decided that they are going to determine what disinformation is.”

“But my point to Mayorkas was this,” Paul continued. “We have a $32 million Mueller investigation to see if there is collusion between Russia and Trump. There wasn’t any. And, yet, the Steele dossier, upon which they base this all on, which was given to Steele by Russians, it was Russian disinformation. If they can’t admit that that’s disinformation, it was propagated by CNN for years and years. If they can’t admit that, how could they possibly do the job of policing disinformation? Now, I don’t think it’s a job that you could possibly do. So even if you could, and they admitted that it was disinformation, I would be against policing CNN. People can turn the channel when they see that CNN doesn’t care about the truth. But I would not police CNN. I’m against policing any news organization. The public can figure this out.