Rep. Nunes Warns: BIG Trouble Coming for FBI Counterintelligence

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Rep. Nunes warns witnesses that big trouble is coming for FBI counterintelligence department

Congressman Devin Nunes has warned the FBI that “BIG trouble” is coming for corrupt officials within the counterintelligence department.

Nunes, who has worked tirelessly to expose Obama DOJ and FBI officials who illegally spied on the Trump campaign, issued a blistering statement to the perpetrators of the Russia investigation during a Wednesday House Intel Committee hearing. reports: Chairman of the House Intel Committee Adam Schiff on Wednesday dragged out two FBI witnesses who just happen to be Comey and Mueller sycophants.

The two witnesses, Robert Anderson and Stephanie Douglas, both worked under then-FBI Director Robert Mueller and Nunes did a great job on Wednesday exposing their selective outrage.

Nunes indicated there is evidence the illegal counterintelligence investigation into Trump and his associates started back in 2015, not July of 2016 as the FBI claims.

“There’s been a lot of talk about when this investigation began, now that’s an open-ended question because we can say this investigation coulda begun in 2015 because we know some of the same players were having run-ins with individuals that have questionable ties to either Western intelligence or possibly political campaign operatives, but officially they have said that it started at the end of July [2016].” Nunes said.

Nunes blasted the Steele-Media-Mueller loop of information, leaks and articles that ravaged the US for years and said the FBI is in big trouble.

The FBI witnesses were left speechless when Nunes asked them if it’s normal to have an FBI informant (Christopher Steele) who was paid by the FBI to investigate Trump’s campaign while simultaneously being paid by the Clinton campaign to investigate Trump — then went on to leak to the press.

“This counterintelligence department over at the FBI I think is in big trouble — the fact that you guys are sitting here, former FBI officials, and not saying anything and basically making the case that it is ok to use these very special powers to target a political campaign really troubles me,” Nunes said warning the FBI witnesses.


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