Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Co-Sponsors ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill

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Tulsi Gabbard co-sponsors audit the fed bill

Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has just signed on as a co-sponsor of the ‘Audit the Fed’ bill, officially known as H.R.24 The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2019.

The bill authorizes the General Accountability Office to perform a full audit of the Fed’s conduct of monetary policy, including the Fed’s various dealings with Wall Street, central banks and governments.

In an interview with Luke Rudkowski of “We Are Change,” Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) confirmed Rep. Gabbard’s involvement as a co-sponsor.

Rep. Massie told Rudkowski that he believes the topic will “get some airtime” in the upcoming presidential debates. He also confirmed that there are four Democratic co-sponsors and 80 Republican co-sponsors of the bill.

“We have passed it in the House but have never passed it in the Senate. Because of a lot of these people in the House of Representatives who vote for it and support it in the House go to the Senate and decide it’s not such a good idea,” Rep. Massie said. reports: Rudkowski then tells Massie about interesting parallels between some presidential candidates (Gabbard and Bernie Sanders), who have an anti-interventionists view along with being critical of the Federal Reserve.

Massie responds by saying, “Well if you’re just trying to sorta tie the anti-war people to the Federal Reserve. I think the closest connection is the Federal Reserve enables the endless Wars that are being funded by controlling the value of our currency and without the massive borrowing and printing of money and controlling of interest rates – we wouldn’t be able to sustain a permanent state of war.

Last week, Ron Paul recently wrote that Massie needs to “expedite passage of their Audit the Fed legislation should the Federal Reserve decide to disobey the will of its creator – Congress – by involving itself in real-time payments. After all, their bipartisan legislation came just seven votes shy of passing not long ago. With the Fed extending its wings even further and the president finally making good on his promise to push the bill through, it should be all but certain of arriving on his Oval Office desk for signing.”

With the US infected by a global industrial slowdown, and in President Trump’s view a Federal Reserve-caused economic downturn, support for auditing the Fed will continue to increase among Americans across all political ideologies. It’s not just Republicans who demand the audit, but now Gabbard and even Sanders (Democrats).

Auditing the Fed is the first step in changing monetary policy that has created a debt-and-bubble-based economy; promoted the welfare-warfare state; created the most massive wealth inequality crisis in history; led to an affordable housing crisis; transferred all the wealth to the top 1% of America, and could lead to the collapse of the American empire if not corrected in the next several years.

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