Researchers Warn That Cold Weather Can Cause Blood Clots & Heart Attacks

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As the cold winter weather arrives in the UK , forecasters issue weather warnings acoss the country, however, the cold weather can also have an impact your health according to researchers.

They warn that during the cold weather people are more likely to suffer from serious conditions such as heart attacks or blood clots.

Even a small drop in temperature can lead to an increase in the number of people who suffer a heart attack, they say.

In a report published eary this year,The Sun reported on some of the health dangers that can be triggered by the cold, including:

1. Blood clots

Sudden changes in temperature cause thermal stress for the body – which has to work harder to maintain its constant temperature.

In particular, research has shown this makes it more likely for people to suffer from dangerous blood clots during winter.

Study authors, from a hospital in Nice, France, suggested that respiratory tract infections more common in winter might make patients more vulnerable to blood clots.

They also suggested that chilly weather might make the blood vessels constrict, making it more likely that blood clots will form.

2. Heart attacks

People exposed to cold weather are more likely to suffer a heart attack, a recent study revealed.

Researchers from Sweden from Lund University in Sweden found that the average number of heart attacks per day was significantly higher when the weather as cold compared to when the weather was warm.

On a day-to-day basis it translated to four more heart attacks per day when the average temperature was below zero.

It is thought the risk of heart attacks is higher in cold weather because the body responds to feeling chilly by restricting superficial blood vessels.

This decreases how warm the skin is and increases blood flow through the arteries.

The body also begins to shiver and your heart rate increases to keep you warm.

But these responses can add extra stress on your heart.


  1. This is to take the focus away from the clot shot deaths. They can blame heart attacks on “cold weather”

    • GEEZ, 64 years on this planet and this is the first time I ever heard that ‘cold weather’ causes heart attacks and blood-clots. Really, if that’s true it’s surprising that the Eskimos and Siberians are still around. And now its very common for teens and young adults to suffer heart attacks while partaking in physical activities, so many damn coincidences.

        • Is 5G radiation poisoning BS flying around? 5G illness is not just a mere possibility, Bill.
          Do some research and lose your illusion!

          • I’m more informed on what’s going on out there than most people including you. You missed my point entirely. Comprehension is not a strong point for you.

          • There’s a good book called The Contagion Myth and in it he goes into detail about radiation and other things causing flulike symptoms and how Pasteur was a fraud

      • The jab is a bio weapon. But you are correct in worrying about radiation. Background radiation levels across the United States have risen constantly since the development of the nuclear bomb. In many areas the background radiation now is now one thousand counts per minute. These numbers continue to rise year after year. Eventually it will be so high that the damage it causes to the people will be beyond the ability of the body to repair the damaged DNA. The original numbers for background radiation after the development of nuclear power was that 50 counts per minute was considered an alert status. Because normal radiation was 20 counts per minute. And they said that if it Rose to 300 counts for a minute you were to evacuate the area. Now it’s 1,000 counts per minute all across the United States.

        For more information on this serious problem that’s being overlooked by everyone, you can go to Bob Nichols weekly radiation report

    • I’ve been a cardiac patient my whole life. Two major open-heart surgeries. Pacemaker. Daily blood thinners and other meds. Visit my cardiologist’s office monthly. Never in 5 decades has any medical professional even hinted at a connection between cold weather, clots, and heart attacks. It feels like it’s from the Babylon Bee? It doesn’t seem real.

      • I’m from a cold climate myself and never have I heard of blood clots from cold weather until now.

    • Yes Bill Cooper was right, even after they killed him. His radio broadcast (on short wave) was the first time I had ever heard the term “Sheeple”. He was GREAT!!

      • Short wave is where I listened to him. He predicted correctly just about everything that’s happening now. It took the CIA three attempts to finally silence him. I listen to his old radio programs on Rumble and Bitchute now.

  2. Don’t we have cold weather every winter? Why the warnings of heart attacks now? I am 66 years old and have never heard this warning before.

  3. Well this isn’t transparent at all… what a crock. Just admit you made a mistake with the shots and fix it.

  4. Yeah the old and sickly drop like flies in the cold. Especially if they can’t afford to pay the electricity prices to keep warm .Coal was best , then oil for heating economically. Electricity scnot much good really.

    • heating with wood heats three times better than AC once when you cut it than when you haul it and than when you burn it.Coal dazes were fun

  5. BULL!!! Cold weather never “caused blood clots and heart attacks” before the CLOT SHOTS showed up!!

  6. scooping the sidewalk from heavy snow and ice in frozen weather is deadly for the aged as kids we use to get 50cents to clean the old folks sidewalks.With the jabbys take it easy and stay warm as should every adult

  7. thats why most old folks more to florida and why the aged keep thier house temp at about 90.The jabbys can`t help same as smoking did`nt Tons of aged drop over cleaning the walks every years since I`ven been alive

  8. Sorry got to go clean the snow&ice off my FN sidewalk and I like a smoke to keep warm and this old house is cold as fluckins see you in the funny papers LATER

  9. The heart attacks and strokes are actually caused by the starlight of Sirius. This is the second-brightest star in the northern hemisphere sky, and its infernal rays are *deadly*, folks. And Sirius is in the constellation of Canis Major, south of Orion and its ghasly and dangerous Horsehead nebula: a gigantic cloud of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, another term for CIGARETTE SMOKE–and we know how easy smokers get heart attacks and strokes! So….BEWARE!!!!

  10. You might notice that Fuji air cons have a 10 c Button because any temp below that can be fatal esp to oldies or anyone with poor circulation Apparently omnicon Corona covid delta innoculations increase vulnerability and likely raise mortality .It’s just a side effect Death is a very common side effect for myriads of very common prescriptions .it’s not unusual .to have fun with anyone etc Tom Jones .

  11. Cold weather has always existed.
    It’s the “vaccines” folks, which are not real vaccines at all, but gene editiing (modification) technology.

    History is showing that the vaccines do not even work. They fail to provide immunization, even after multiple injections, and they are also have been shown to have severe, adverse, life debilitating, side effects in many people. The VAERS Database has already reported 913,266 adverse events and 19,249 deaths after the Covid injections throughout the year 2021 up to November 19.

  12. hey look a squirrel! but take the shots get the clots! i just came up with that…based it on break a deal spin the wheel from thunderdome. that tall creepy guys says it way better than me though! Let’s Go Brandon! God Bless Merry Christmas!

  13. Strange that this has never been mentioned before by the “experts”. Wouldn’t have something to do with the covid clot shots and heart disease would it? Trying to disguise what those shots will be doing to people soon are ya?

  14. And starting in June of 2022, exposure to hot weather and high humidity, will cause aids and cancer as well as heart attacks and blood cots. I hope they have a 5th and 6th booster shot because if they do I want to be protected. You see I’m really smart because I listen to Dr Fauci and he said the vaccines are safe and effective. I’ve only had Covid 19 3 times. once before I was vaccinated and twice after taking the Moderna shot.

  15. OK the side walk is clear it`s cold as mini sodas and I ànt dead yet what gives covid jabbies the heebie geebees? yourts MOM`s arms!

  16. Out of shape people have been getting heart attacks from shoveling snow for a long time. The number of heart attacks from shoveling snow has been a stable percentage, so it will be easy to see an increase, which I am sure we will see this winter. Blood clots? No, except in extreme cold situations which the victim usually passes from exposure before any blood clots, so I don’t know why they would mention clots except to hide the fact that the jab is responsible for the increase. Now, how about all the heart attacks and blood clots suffered by vaxxed individuals long before winter arrived? This is just another feeble attempt to cover up the adverse reactions to the jab.

  17. The thing is until the truth about covid was obvious, most people were this easily fooled, they’ve been lying to us all our lives spoon feeding information they want us to believe, and then we continued the lie to our kids, allow shit to be taught in schools, so their end game of complete control will be like taking candy from a baby.

  18. Who buys this bullcrap? Lived in northern climes my entire life and this is the first time i have heard duch nonsense.

  19. Yes. That is correct. That’s why you must get vaccinated against Cold Weather! Don’t delay! Get your Cold Weather shot today!

  20. The stupidity of the medical industry is astounding. Cold weather causes nothing – it is decreased vitamin D blood levels that cause problems – and that happens because in winter people get less sun.

  21. Canadian here. Somehow managed to survive the cold for well over 50 years. Not so sure about the clot shot, especially after the 7th booster….

  22. It’s funny how in 10,000 years of human existence, cold weather has never caused blood clots and heart attacks until the very year the entire human population is forced to take injections of substances that also cause blood clots and heart attacks by people who refuse to admit that the substances cause blood clots and heart attacks.

  23. Ah yes, Niamh Harris is doing an excellent job at parroting talking
    points for the Elite. If she’s faithful and treads lightly, she might be
    invited to social events to rub elbows with establishment.

  24. Ohhh, you bunch of dumbasses!! I lived and worked for 14 years in the state of Alaska. I have experienced temperatures as low as -60 F. I worked the night shift almost exclusively outside at a job routinely in temperatures of -30 or lower. I’ve been around since 1973, so shove it.

  25. Never ever has a dr or cardiologist or heart specialist made a claim like this..until now. Trying to hide the deaths & clots of vaxxes any way they can. Ive lived in the midwest my whole life, this has NEVER been a thing…ever

  26. “They warn that during the cold weather people are more likely to suffer from serious conditions such as heart attacks or blood clots.”

    What people were they talking about? You left that part out and made it sound like everyone should be concerned about this irrelevant story. It’s common sense that the cold restricts blood flow, that’s actually why we wear clothes, and it’s common sense that restricted blood flow and raised BP elevates risk of heart attack for PEOPE WHO ARE ALREADY AT RISK OF HEART ATTACK.

    The researchers didn’t say the cold ’causes’ heart attacks and blood clots, so why are you claiming they did?

  27. Nkgoo, geniş kapsamlı bilgi platformudur. Her konuda bilgi içeriği üretme amacıyla yayın hayatına başlamış referans kaynak sitedir. Ayrıca telif hakları konularına da özen gösterilmektedir.

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