UK government urged to stop plans to expand Bahrain naval base

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UK government urged to stop plans to expand Bahrain naval base

The Stop the War Coalition has called on the British government to suspend an agreement made with Bahrain to develop a naval base in the Persian Gulf Arab country.

On Thursday,  the leading anti-war movement declared its strong opposition to the British plans for the development of the Mina Salman Port in Bahrain.

The group said that London should end its “disastrous interventions in the region” Press TV reports

It added that Bahrain is a repressive regime and Britain should not show complicity in its actions.

On December 5, British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said the pact will give Britain the go-ahead to reinforce its onshore facilities at Bahrain’s Mina Salman Port, where the UK has permanently stationed four mine-hunter warships.

The base, which provides support for British destroyers and frigates in the Persian Gulf, will now be expanded to include a new forward operating base and a headquarters to plan, store equipment for naval operations and accommodate Royal Navy personnel.

Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid has claimed that the new base is part of a deal with the United Kingdom to maintain regional security and stability in the face of challenging circumstances and noted that Manama is looking forward to the early implementation of this agreement.


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