Researchers Warn That Vaccine ‘Side-Effects’ May Actually Be Covid

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Researchers are now warning that early Covid symptoms can mirror the side effects of the vaccines.

A study, published last week in the eClinical Medicine journal, warns people that shold they suffer headaches, fatigue, or fever after being jabbed they should assume they have been infected with covid, isolate themselves and get tested.

The findings show there is no way to tell if the symptoms are from covid or an adverse reaction to the jab unless a test is taken.

RT reports: Researchers at King’s College London have raised concerns that the recently vaccinated could be inadvertently spreading the virus, thinking their symptoms were from the jab.

According to the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), more than one in 10 people can suffer minor adverse reactions to the vaccines – and the researchers found that 1% of the 362,770 people who reported symptoms in the week following the jab actually had Covid-19.

The study was based on data from those vaccinated with the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines between December 2020 and May 2021.

The findings come amid a rise in cases and ahead of a high-profile booster vaccination drive for all adults in the UK, as officials worry about the potential impact of the virus’ Omicron variant.

Due to the higher risk of community transmission, researchers warn that it is more crucial than ever to check whether post-vaccination symptoms are in fact due to Covid-19. They noted that immunity to the virus does not occur immediately after getting the shot.

To identify the differences between early Covid infections and possible vaccine side effects, the scientists used machine learning models to review some 28 symptoms associated with the disease. They also analyzed three core clinical symptoms emphasized by the NHS: high temperature, new continuous cough, and loss/change in sense of smell.

“Both the machine learning models and the clinical model found it difficult to differentiate between symptoms associated with a positive test result and vaccine side effects. This is why anyone with symptoms should have a test. Ultimately, this will help us avoid spreading the virus this Christmas,” study co-author Dr. Liane Canas said


  1. The C19 is a propaganda and headline machine of the first order. Whether it is a true deadly pandemic emergency or not is in question. Are the Jabs safe and effective? Not by pre-C19 standards seems clear. Are ‘approved’ treatments safe and effective? How far will the battle of wills between an increasingly enlightened scientific and medical community and our oppressive, unlawful governments continue?

  2. 8 billon vaxed use heat and move around to prevent clotting-all three jabbys but now break through cases but the vaxed are spreding a weakened virus so maybe herd immunity is kicking in before any verson gets stronger shut it down than just maybe we can live a while longer?

      • It has already been seen in the last two strains AFTER delta-herd immunity is starting to happen via the 8 billion vaxed spreding the vax2 the virus thus it WILL get weaker and weaker UNLESS there is a hidden strain pre-delta hidding somewhere where no one has any vax at all OR new stronger strains pop up.Herd immunity Always happens sooner or later or the herd dies out and that will never happen with the population levels we have.It would take 100-200 years and by that time we would have beat it and herd immunity would have happened.It is getting weaker just as the flu shot also weakens the flu virus

      • they for sure need to DEBUGG the VAXs but the virus will weaken it until it is no longer so deadly as is starting to happen.They have no real feild service fighting viruses less the WHO and some international groups.American colleges don`t teach much or care much about 3Rd world viruses UNTILL now when it makes them RICH

  3. Lies .It’s the hab ,it is NOT a vaccine it’s an injection of genetically modifying substances ,with a load of human bits in it for fun ,designed to alter your natural bodies immune system by altering the way your replicating nucleonic acids function .It’s a way to make sure you’ll never have a healthy immune system ever again .

  4. And now Australia’s deputy sheriff ,err Prime Minster s tested positive for vivid in the US Why’s he there we never knew But he’s Catholic so probably gone to take communion with Joe and Nancy.

    • He’s the 9ne 2h9 had to resign spectacularly not so long ago for his immoral improper conduct but now he’s deputy.

  5. the side effects are in the VAX that is a given known fact-the side effects of the virus are NOTHING like the side effects of the VAX get back in OUR labs at our colleges and work the FN buggs out of the VAXS and clean them up like the flu vaxs

  6. All part of the big LIE… the depopulation SCAM. Truth is, almost all new Covid “cases” are actually vaxx side effects.

    The number of vaxx-caused deaths, estimated to be between 150,000 and 300,000 in the US alone… are soon to explode as winter rolls in… teh vaxx has destroyed teh immune systems of those foolish enough to have taken it… and each “booster” increases dramatically the risk of death…

    And they want to force 5-11 year olds to take the death-jabs? Far worse than Nazi Germany’s programs.

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