Researchers Working On Algorithm To Diagnose You With Mental Illness Based On Internet Posts

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Internet users will soon be diagnosed with mental illness based on their activity online by an AI model developed by a liberal college.

The researchers have not said what will happen to internet users who identified as “mentally ill” because they are sharing content deemed inappropriate by the liberal researchers who created the AI model.

Researchers at liberal Dartmouth College have created an artificial intelligence model that identifies mental illnesses based on Reddit discussions, the college announced.

Critics of the AI modelling claim its another step on the path to introducing a social credit score, like China, in which citizens are controlled. Others claim the AI model will pave the way for citizens and internet users to be imprisoned in “cyber Gulags” for daring to disagree with mainstream media narratives.

However the AI researchers claim they are simply trying to “help” people.

Social media offers an easy way to tap into people’s behaviors,” Xiaobo Guo, class of 2024 and co-author of the research paper, said. This is because social media is voluntary and public, he said. Reddit also has about half a billion active users who discuss a wide array of topics dating back to 2011, giving researchers ample data to draw on.

Xiaobo Guo wants to diagnose you mentally ill with his algorithms

DailyCaller report: What separates Dartmouth’s model from the many other similar developing technologies is that it analyzes emotions instead of the actual text of the online conversations, the college said.

Dartmouth associate professor and co-author of the paper Soroush Vosoughi explained that if a model learned to associate “COVID” with “sadness,” it would assume that the user has depression. Dartmouth’s model focuses solely on emotion, not the topic of the posts, he said.

The researchers focused on what they termed “emotional disorders,” including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. They did this by searching for users who self-reported their emotional disorders compared to users who did not have any known disorders, and then trained the model to recognize these “signature patterns.”

The model can identify an emotional disorder by comparing the user’s “fingerprint” to established “signatures” of emotional illnesses, the college said.

The researchers then tested posts not used in training, and the model was able to accurately predict if the user had any of these disorders.

Guo said using digital screening tools can prompt people to get the help they need to address mental illnesses.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Chinese society is the model the elites are using for the West. Read up on Klaus Schwab and the WEF and you will see we are well under way to the Great Reset. We are already living in the NWO.

    • The west CREATED Chinese society Set China up to be slaves in the West’s factories to make western capitalists filthy rich enslaving Chinese communists That’s the new world Order Capitalists profiting from “communism”

  2. Heretics Mental lness Like witches who from the church’s teaching would be purified by fire. It’s all good for your own good. The
    Rdenptiionists for example would “diagnose” Jews as needing treatment That treatment consisted of putting the Jews into a brasserie, a steam filled toom like an oven, and wrapping wet towels around their head and chest so to stop them dying as they were slowly cooked alive Throughout the process the redemption isn’t monks would come and ask the Jews if they had found God as a Catholic yet, and if the Jew would say yes yes I convert then the monk would have to say No no I think your only saying that to get out of the brasserie I need to FEEL that it’s SINCERE and so would wrap another wet cold towel around the Jews head,and let them continue to cook. Its mental illness.

  3. Mental illness for anyone living in a negative environment such as a narcissistic society ruled over by magalomaniacal psychopaths would be very hard to objectively diagnose. Would believing that because a passage in the Bible says “and they shall be purified by fire” means, by rule of law and its morality that therefore burning people alive who are demonic ally possessed by Satan is the remedy that a healthy community would accept? Would the nonlocal passage “to mot spill a drop of blood” that led to such inventions as the rack, the thumb screw and monstrously evil others be considered good mental health for that justice system?
    Or is it just about the power to deceive?

    • The biblical passage to not spill a drop of blood Isn’t it amazing how clever they are but auto correct gets to screw things up so often?

  4. Imagine if on Saturday afternoon the usual activity was to go to the footy arena and watch young guys fight to the death, whilst Christians or the mentally ill who didn’t comply with mainstream values, were being mauled by lions to fill in the dull moments of the sport.The games. Imagine if you said you loved it, enjoyed it all immensely, couldn’t wait for next week’s contestants. Would that society label you as a sadist? Or would they say you had great mental health?
    Imagine if watching the events in the Middle East on the evening news over the last 30 years made someone feel, sad. Would they say that meant they needed treatment for depression because they should feel glad that those who didn’t share the communities values were being eradicated? Who is doing the judging of morality?

  5. One last thought Listen to Madonna s American life uncensored Watch it actually Imagine would these analysts if the lyrics were on Reddit decide that she must be having an identity crisis exacerbated by anxiety and possible bibpolar swings. Would they say she needed medicating? For her own good of course. So she could adjust to community values and be normal just like everyone else? Healthy and compliant lambs in the flock of obedient happy sheep.
    I think they just might Don’t you agree.

  6. They did this by searching for users who self-reported their emotional disorders compared to users who did not have any known disorders

    Erm, right, so none with an actual diagnosis of mental illness?

    If you’re gonna pathologise social media then we all need locking up.

  7. I’m getting closer to the point when I step away from the internet forever. I did just fine before it was created and I’ll do just fine without it again.

  8. The first to be labelled will be all of those politicians that deceive .

    Followed by MSM , and big money players ..

    At which point they pull the plug

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