Rob Reiner: Biden Just WON the Election

Fact checked
Rob Reiner claims Biden victory following presidential debate

Far-left Hollywood director Rob Reiner reacted to Tuesday’s presidential debate by declaring it was a victory for Joe Biden.

Following the fiery debate between Biden and Trump, Reiner tweeted:

“We just won the election”

But the anti-Trump director failed to explain how Biden actually won the debate against Trump, as most replies to his post branded him as “delusional.”

One Twitter user commented:

“You just won Antifa! Congrats. America won’t forget.”

Another posted a screen shot from a C-Span poll showing 53% of Americans believed Trump won the debate, while only 29% thought Biden did.

Another tweeted:

Earlier that same day, Reiner issued a scathing attack on President Trump, calling him a “lying criminal.”

“Pre debate analysis. There’s a massive stench of desperation emanating from Trump. It’s the malodorous smell of a Lying Criminal.”



  1. Hes just setting up the coup Putting put the propaganda Everyone knows the debate was a ness thanks largely to bad hosting .Rogan would be the Democrats preferred host because hes as smooth as a snake in the grass and as well disguised as a chameleon .Most of the viewers wouldn’t even see him stick the knife ,wouldn’t even know he had done it .Thats why they’re paying him millions to represent them .

  2. Rob is the biggest idiot the entertainment industry has ever produced. That is really saying something. So sit down and shut up Meathead!

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