Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Slams US Airstrikes On Syria & Iraq

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Robert F Kennedy Jr

The US should withdraw its ground troops from Middle Eastern countries that do not welcome them, according to US president candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

On Friday Washington launched a new bombing campaign against Iranian-backed fighters in Iraq and Syria.

Reacting to a post on X about the attack on more than 80 targets allegedly linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), Kennedy said that the escalation could have been avoided.

RT reports: US Central Command says it hit 85 Iranian-linked targets in Syria and Iraq in retaliation against the recent “Iran-affiliated” fighters’ attack that killed three US servicemen in Jordan. President Joe Biden’s X post read that the US does not “seek conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. But to all those who seek to do us harm: We will respond,” despite Iran denying involvement in the incident.

“If we ‘do not seek conflict,’ then let’s get the troops out of there,” Kennedy said, apparently reacting to Biden’s statement. “They are not welcome. They are not needed,” he added.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed that the current escalation would not have been necessary if Washington hadn’t put its military “in the crosshairs” of Shiite militias. He described the existence of these groups “as a legacy of our illegal war in Iraq.” He recalled that both Iraq and Syria had asked the US troops to leave their territory while Iran would not tolerate America’s military presence on its borders.

Besides pulling US troops “out of the Mideast,” Kennedy urged Washington to forge ties with regional powers instead. The presidential candidate also described the troop presence in the area as “indefensible targets for anyone in the region who wants to provoke a conflict.”

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