Robin Williams Illuminati Rumors Arise After ‘Family Guy’ Suicide Episode

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From an article in The International Business Times: “Some people believe Robin Williams was an Illuminati sacrifice after an episode of “Family Guy” aired eerily close to the time the actor committed suicide. Even though it was the main character Peter Griffin who attempted a failed suicide in the episode, Twitter users flooded the 140-character social media blog to discuss the coincidence or “conspiracy.”

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“Fatman and Robin” played on the BBC minutes before Reuters reported the actor was death, British news site the Daily Mail reported. In the sketch, Peter has the power to turn everyone in his fictional city of Quahog into Robin Williams by touching them.

Peter, whose favorite comedian is Robin Williams in the broadcast, accuses God of hating the actor. In turn, Peter wishes everyone were Williams. The “Family Guy” character is struck by lightning and receives the Godlike-like powers, but it’s not long before he tires of clones of Williams overwhelming the town. He tries to kill himself. In the end, Peter cuts off his hands to rid himself of his special powers.

The broadcast of the episode was an “uncanny coincidence,” BBC spokesperson said. “The episode ended just as the news broke about his death,” the representative said. “This was a repeat that we have shown a couple of times before, so who could have planned that?”

“It was scheduled more than two weeks ago so it is just an uncanny coincidence. Some of our people who work here noticed that the death of Robin Williams was announced just as this episode ended.”

Seth MacFarlane, 40, who is the voice of Peter and creator of “Family Guy,” said on Twitter last Tuesday: ‘The world just got a lot less funny. Robin Williams is a tragic loss.’ His post was retweeted more than 10,000 times.

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Nearly a week after Williams’ tragic suicide, Illuminati rumors have continued on Twitter. Some comments from netizens have been posted below:

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