Ron Paul: Jeff Sessions Should Resign Over Ridiculous Marijuana Policy

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Ron Paul calls for Jeff Sessions to resign over marijuana policy

Ron Paul has blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions over his ridiculous policy on marijuana – urging him to resign immediately.

The new policy allows federal prosecutors to crack down on states that have legalized recreational marijuana use.

“He represents something that is so un-American as far as I’m concerned,” Dr. Paul told CNN’s Michael Smerconish. “The war on drugs, to me, is a war on liberty.” reports: “I think that we overly concentrate on the issue of the drug itself, and I concentrate on the issue of freedom of choice, on doing things that are high risk. We permit high risk all the time,” Paul said. “We do overly concentrate on what people put into their body.”

“The war on drugs is a totally illegal system,” Paul said, adding that it’s “very questionable constitutionally.”

“It’s so terrible. It’s an excuse to violate civil liberties wholesale, and Jeff Sessions has been one of the worst,” he said.

Sessions has come under fire from Democrats and politicians hailing from states where marijuana is legal, including Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo.