Ron Paul Says Neocons Are Warmongers

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Ron Paul

Libertarian Ron Paul from the Voice of Liberty believes that the Neocons are warmongers.

The former presidential nominee and two-time Republican presidential candidate is very impressed with the way the U.S. administration dealt with the Iran/US sailors crisis, and gives Iran credit for releasing the captured US sailors in just one day.

Dr. Paul shows signs of sympathy for the Iranian predicament of finding itself besieged by terror and future threats of war and terror.

In the latest Liberty report, Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss the neoconservative collective outrage surrounding the incident and why they seem to be angry that diplomacy was so effective. (Scroll down for video)


Voice of Liberty reports:

Before asking McAdams about his thoughts on why the sailors were released so promptly, Ron Paul suggested people should be praising both the Obama Administration and the Iranians for resolving this matter without putting lives in danger.

He said:

“You’d think most people would say ‘hey, you know? This is pretty good! We don’t have to have a war over this, we don’t have to threaten, we don’t have to intimidate, we don’t have to bomb anybody, and it seems that it’s been resolved.’”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the reaction of most of those on the right.

To McAdams, the matter created a buzz because it was also time-sensitive:

“The timing is potentially disastrous because this whole event was unfolding as President [Barack] Obama was preparing to make a State of the Union Address. So you can imagine the State Department personnel, no less John Kerry, scrambling to try to solve this problem before it could overshadow the president’s State of the Union speech.”

“Thanks to diplomacy,” McAdams explained, everything got resolved rather smoothly.

“Thanks to what’s happened over the past year or so, Kelly was able to call his counterpart, the Iranian Foreign Minister [Mohammad Javad] Zarif, who by the way has a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado so he’s an English speaker and familiar with our culture. [Kerry] called him up, they had no less than five conversations to try to defuse the crisis, explain what happened, and secure the release. This all was done effectively. And as you pointed out, you’d think that we’d celebrate diplomacy, but the neocons and most of the presidential candidates won’t have it that way. They are furious.”

Ron Paul reminded McAdams that when looking at how neoconservatives react, it’s important to also look at their agenda.iran

According to Paul, Iran’s concern regarding US presence in the region is justified. With so many military bases surrounding the region, as you can see in the graphic above, it’s easy to see why Iran was nervous to learn US vessels had drifted into their territory.

“If we had that many foreign bases surrounding us by any hostile nation, China, Russia, or anybody, we’d  feel nervous about it.

So instead of saying what neocons are saying, ‘oh, Iran overreacted, they treated [the sailors] as prisoners, they were terrible, they didn’t give them steak, just gave them McDonald’s hamburgers,’ and on and on, I’d think that there’s justification for their concern.”

Instead of attacking Obama and Kerry, Paul argued, “we should give Obama credit for honestly moving in the direction that we don’t have to add more killing to this, and we don’t have an incident like we had in 1979, that lasted for a long time, and it took over a year to resolve.”

After all, Paul added, “This took one day!”

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