Rumors Swirl About President Harris’ Mental State After She Bursts Into ANOTHER Uncontrolled Laughing Fit

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Is Kamala Harris a psychopath?

Rumors swirl about Kamala Harris' mental health as she keeps bursting into uncontrolled fits of laughter

Rumors are swirling about Kamala Harris’ mental state after she was caught laughing uncontrollably in front of a crowd in North Carolina on Monday.

Harris, who is effectively running the country at this point, has repeatedly burst out in fits of laughter during totally inappropriately times.

The latest example came on Monday as Harris spoke in North Carolina about the Administration’s controversial jobs plan.

Harris attempted to make a joke, suggesting that opportunities are “equally available to women as well as men” like hard hats. It was then she began laughing like a hyena.

“Because there’s an interesting fact,” Harris said, as ripples of laughter began emerging from her belly.

“In case you didn’t know, hard hats are actually unisex.” reports: Despite the fact that literally no one knew what the hell she was laughing at, or found what she was saying funny, Harris felt the need to blurt out loud “everybody’s laughing.”

Harris keeps repeating this bizarre behaviour:

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