Russell Brand Blames UK Government For Sousse Terror Attack

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Brand blames Britain's policy of selling arms abroad, military interventions and bombing campaigns overseas for the Tunisian massacre

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Russell Brand has blamed the UK government for the Tunisian gun attack on the beaches of Sousse in Tunisia last Friday.

Brand launched a scathing attack on David Cameron and the British government, blaming UK foreign policy for the horrific Tunisia beach massacre.

38 tourists were killed by gunman Seifeddine Rezgui, 30 of whom were Brits. A one minute silence was being held on Friday in honour of the victims. Comedian Brand thinks the one minute silence is ‘total bulls***’, calling it an ’empty, hollow gesture.’ The firebrand artist is adamant that the U.K. government is to blame for the terrorist atrocity last Friday. He blames British foreign policy and the arms industry for creating problems in the world and not solving them.

The comedian thinks it’s better to solve the problem once and for all rather than continuously perpetuating it. He sees the problem as a self interest political and financial one to do with warmongering profiteering corporations and their close ties with government policy makers.
His comments however did not go too well in social media circles, where he is being accused of being disrespectful of the dead, no matter the cause.

The Daily Mail reports:

The self-styled revolutionary blamed the attack which claimed the lives of 38 tourists on Britain’s policy of selling arms abroad, military interventions and bombing campaigns overseas.
‘There’s no point in having a minute’s silence on Friday – it’s a minute of bulls***,’ the comedian said in a video on his YouTube channel.

‘As long as during that time, they [the Government] continue to sell arms, they continue to bomb foreign countries – they have no interest in a solution.
‘They are only interested in perpetuating the problem and continuing to profit from it.’

‘If you respect those people then demand that your Government stops selling arms to countries on its own human rights abuse list, demand that your government stops carrying out foreign wars on behalf of corporations.
‘It will have a lot more impact than a minute’s silence.’

Sitting on the edge of his bed in a purple T-shirt, the activist said the minute’s silence was an ’empty, hollow gesture’. islamist terrorist

He said: ‘Now what’s the truth behind their terrible Tunisia massacre? On Friday we’ll be holding one minute’s silence.

‘Does that mean anything or is it just an empty, hollow gesture, part of a general policy of bulls***, so that our government can continue selling arms around the world and perpetuating a cycle where its own needs are met.’

He accused Prime Minister David Cameron of protecting ‘giant corporations and arms dealers’ rather than ‘ordinary’ people of the world.

‘If we want to attack the problem at its source this is the source,’ he said.

‘Stop bombing those foreign countries.

‘Stop selling arms to countries on your own human rights abuse list. You have got to stop perpetuating the problem.’

The British Government currently allows UK firms to export small arms ammunition, body armour, intelligence software and military communications equipment to Tunisia.

 islamist terrorist
The cortege carrying nine victims of the Tunisia shootings

His comments have been slammed on social media which many accusing him of being disrespectful towards the victims.

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