Has A 21 Year Old’s Global Prophecy Begun To Come To Pass?

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On April 15, 1994 21 year old Steve Quayle wrote what many are calling a prophecy of the future of Earth.  It outlined incredible freezing and freak cold on the eastern coast and portions of America.

In the west, his prophecy predicted extreme drought and calamity.  Much of the document, now 20 years old, is chilling to read in light of recent events.

In an article titled “Are The Words Of A 21 Yr Old Prophecy Now Coming To Pass Right Before Our Eyes?” [1], the author states:

Are the words of a 21-year-old prophecy now coming true before our our very eyes? One look at this prophecy from Steve Quayle from 1994 shows an amazing foreshadowing of events happening today and if these words continue to play out as they are now, what will soon be coming to America is beyond belief.

Warning of entire countries going bankrupt overnight, the ‘blood and perversion White House’ turning into an abandoned mausoleum, minor skirmishes turning into raging, bloody wars and the entire international banking system soon crashing into dust, the words of Quayle’s prophecy are being played out in the videos below in our world today.

The sheer depth of the warnings given here are eerie as Earth quakes in anger at the wicked, the West coast burns and perishes in drought, the East coast feels cold fury and the wickedness of this evil nation, which lusts after insatiable desires and perversions and the entire political system of the United States is soon to come crashing down as the ‘sins and nakedness’ of our elected officials are soon to be revealed.

You can read Quayle’s entire prophecy directly below. Videos from David Vose, Alex Jones with Gerald Celente and Paul Begley and others show the amazing similarities between this 21-year-old prophecy and events of today are below prophecy here.




[1] Are The Words Of A 21 Yr Old Prophecy Now Coming To Pass Right Before Our Eyes?

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