Seagull Causes Motorway Pile-up In Istanbul

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A lone seagull in Istanbul, Turkey caused a traffic accident after resting in the fast lane of a motorway.


A seagull was flying over the business district of Mecidiyeköy, when it decided to land on the D-100 highway for a short break.

The seagul managed to land in the fast lane of the highway causing drivers to slam on their brakes. A quick thinking driver who saw the tired bird land in front of his car was able to stop in time for the bird to escape being run over.
Other vehicles piled into one another after the traffic was brought to a sudden halt on the busy motorway. Nine cars were damaged and a taxi driver was injured in the pile-up. CCTV footage reveals the incident. The fate of the bird is unknown.

WebTV59 YouTube video:

Seagull causes nine-car smash on motorway


A lone seagull flying over a Turkish motorway caused a nine-car pile-up when one concerned driver chose to slam on the brakes.

Video from traffic control cameras on the D-100 highway in Mecidiyeköy showed the multiple collisions as a lone bird swooped across the busy highway, the Daily Sabah reported.

A driver with Jedi-like reflexes slammed on his brakes, likely saving the bird’s life, but causing a massive accident and closing part of the D-100.

Ferhat Çırpma, a taxi driver, was injured in the accident and taken to Şişli Hamidiye Hospital.

It’s been observed that the gulls are attracted to roads as they are a good source of heat for the birds.

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