Russia: China To Ration US Food Supply In 2017

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China have threatened to ration the US food supply by 2017

Russia have warned that the Chinese government are planning a series of food supply rationing initiatives in 2017, which will prevent citizens from accessing food grown in their own country. reports:

According to this report, China’s 12th Five Year Plan, begun in 2011, was based upon their dire need of both food and farms as only 11% of Chinese land can be farmed—which in a nation whose size is nearly equal to the United States (5.6 million square kilometers/3.7 million square miles) has more than four times as many people to feed thus creating a recipe for the taking place of a food-security disaster.

In 2011 when this five-year plan was announced, this report continues, Chinese nationals owned $81 million worth of American farmland, but just one later, in 2012, they increased their ownership to over$900 million (a 1,000%  increase), and in 2013 bought the United States largest, and oldest, meat processer Smithfield Foods (and largest pork producer in the world) capturing another $480 million worth of farmland.

With the Smithfield Foods purchase alone, this report notes, China instantly became the owner of nearly 500 farms across the US and the major employer in dozens of American towns and villages too, and whose buying spree has continued nonstop since—including every US company they can possibly purchase.

To China’s “economic methodology” in making these massive purchases of US farmland, food processors and companies, this report says, have long been detailed by the international expert Professor Usha Haley, Ph.D., University of West Virginia/Collage of Business & Economics, who describes how China buys these entities to then ship back to their country the technology, that they then reproduce and use ultra cheap labor to replicate, and then return to the US cheaper products than the Americans can make that puts their US rivals out of business.

The greatest danger to the American people by what China is doing, however, this report explains, is that by Shuanghui International’s (now known as W-H Group) 2013 $7.1 billion purchase of Smithfield Foods (the largest-ever Chinese acquisition of an American company), the Chinese now own fully one-quarter of all the hogs in America—and which by mid-2017 will all be destined for the Chinese market, not America’s.

Beginning last year too, this report continues, China has, also, began buying up thousands of acres of US farmland in the States of Washington, Oregon and Idaho—and is expected to accelerate these massive buys of American farmland and food processors this year as China has begun a massive selling off of its US debt holdings in order to capitalize on the crashing market of US farms and farmland, whose values have plunged to their lowest levels in 30 years, in order to create for itself in America what are described as “development zones”.

China’s staggering $43 billion bid for Swiss agricultural giant Syngenta (agribusiness that produces agrochemicals and seeds) this year has, also, this report says, put fear into American farmers that new planting technology and seeds will now be denied to them by China in order to further devalue their land and force its sale to the Chinese.

While nations like Australia have stopped these actions of China to destroy their nation’s food security (where China tried to buy farm equal to the size of the State of Kentucky), this report continues, theUnited States has refused to do so, and their reason for doing so is classified so the American people can never know why.

Under US law, this report explains, foreign governments, like China, are not allowed to own farmland, but foreign companies can.  To decide if a foreign government is, indeed, behind the purchase of American farmland, MoA experts in this report note, is left to the highly secretive Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) whose Executive Order creation allows it to keep its findings secret so as not to impair foreign relations.

In the case of the Smithfield Foods takeover by China, however, this report continues, the CFIUS finding that the Chinese government had no role in its purchase was countered by the facts uncovered by American reporters who wrote:

“Shuanghui is required to adhere to Beijing’s five-year plan, the Communist Party’s national economic agenda. And the document was clear. Shuanghui meets its obligations and follows the path laid out by the Communist Party. Despite its public listing in Hong Kong, Shuanghui answers to the Chinese government – going beyond regulatory compliance. It receives directives from Beijing, and it follows them.

The Chinese government acts like a de facto board of directors for the country’s domestic industries – even for publicly traded companies like Shuanghui. The Communist Party issues the five-year plan, and Shuanghui is expected to follow that direction The Chinese government owns a bank that provides the nation’s businesses with financing. For helping carry out the government’s agenda, Shuanghui received a $4 billion loan to take over Smithfield. The loan was approved in a single day.”

With mysterious and massive Chinese companies the American people have never heard of, but make their US counterpart companies look like dwarfs in comparison, ready to divide the United States up between them, this report concludes, next years pork rationing by China in the US is just the beginning of what is to come—and if not stopped could result in mass starvation deaths not seen in America since the Great Depression of the 1930’s that killed over 7 million of these peoples, but to this very day they’re still not allowed to know the truth of.

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