Russia: US Deployment Of Nukes To Europe ‘Deliberate Provocation’

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Russia say US deployment of nukes to Europe is a deliberate and worrying provocation

Russia has expressed concern over the deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons into Europe, calling the move a deliberate provocation towards war. 

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov condemned the deployment of NATO nukes near Russia’s border, saying that Russia now has serious security concerns.

“NATO members are continuing to expand their anti-missile capability in Europe in the framework of the so-called ‘phased adaptive approach.’ We have repeatedly expressed concern over the placement of elements of strategic infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of our borders, which directly affects our interests in the field of security,” he told the Russian Public Council on International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy in the Public Chamber. reports:

Ryabkov added that the US’ plans to place new nuclear bombs with increased accuracy in Europe cause serious concern. According to Ryabkov, “this might indicate an intention to use them against military targets, including populated areas during specific military scenarios.”

In the deputy foreign minister’s words, the US’ creation of the European segment of its “missile defense system” is a factor for destabilization “insofar as, at once point, the so-called ‘European missile defense system’ could began to negatively effect the effectiveness of our strategic deterrence.”

“If this line is crossed and the US and NATO continue to expand their missile shield, then we consider this a symptomatic, demonstrative reluctance on the part of Washington and Brussels to adjust their missile defense plans despite the agreements on settling the situation surrounding the Iranian nuclear program,” the deputy foreign minister asserted.

He remarked that Moscow “will continue to closely monitor the situation and carry on solid work with the Europeans to demonstrate to them the inevitably undesirable consequences of this American project’s realization.”