Russia Announce Discovery Of Water From Noah’s Ark

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Russia say they have discovered authentic water on Noah's Ark

Scientists in Russia have announced the discovery of water from Noah’s Ark which they have dated back to the great flood.

Scientists say the discovery proves that the Biblical account of Noah’s flood is real, and that the flood waters drained into a subterranean sinkhole known as the Kola Borehole. reports:

The Kola Borehole could only go down as deep as 12km before being blocked by a mystery force.

A video exposing the so-called Kola conspiracy says the established view of the earth’s makeup – crust, mantle and core – was proved wrong by the geological dig.

Scientists were shocked to discover that instead of solid, dry, dense rock massive amounts of water were found.

The video’s publishers, Plano Existential, claim this proves the Biblical event of Noah’s flood is a reality – and that the flood waters drained to this subterrannean sinkhole.

The Biblical story of Noah’s flood has troubled theologians for centuries and not least among the questions was ‘what happened to the waters which flooded the earth’ – where exactly did they recede to?

Now some Christians believe the discovery of water so far below ground explains and gives credence to the flood story not as an allegory but a historical event.

The narrator said: “Nobody has drilled into the mantle or crust so there’s no observations as to what’s under the crust.

“I would like you to question what we’ve been told.

“The back up the account of a great flood. Genesis refers to ‘all the fountains of the great deep’.

“Rock shouldn’t be porous but there’s water there, supporting the claim that there was a great flood covering the entire earth.”

The Kola Borehole was mysteriously closed down in the early 1990s but it unearthed some other confusing discoveries.

A persistent rumour about the plant’s closure remains to this day – that scientists got scared when they ‘drilled through into hell’ and ‘heard the screaming from tortured souls’.

More scientifically the dig team found helium, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide pockets inside the earth, which scientists previously thought impossible.

There were also fossils found in granite more than 6,700 metres below the surface, with no explanation as to how they got there.

And Kola is not the only big dig site on earth where mystery surrounds its discoveries.

An oil field in Fairbanks, Alaska, was reported to have allowed Satan to climb out of hell and onto the face of the earth after drilling too deep.

Weekly World News reported John Merritt, an alleged foreman with a major oil company, as saying: “If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not believe it.

“The giant demon head of Satan has already escaped and his body has been slowly coming out for weeks.

“White-hot flames are billowing out of the well, the skies have been darkened by strange clouds and the area is full of an evil stench so oppressive and overpowering that most people can only stand to remain there for a few minutes.”

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