Russian TV Exposes Rothschilds And Educates People About Their Power

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The Rothschilds, one of the most notorious, influential and secretive families in the world, has been exposed on Russian TV like never before

The Rothschilds, one of the most notorious, influential and secretive families in the world, has been exposed on Russian TV like never before (watch the full video below).

The Rothschilds are used to operating in the shadows, convincing people they do not exist, but they have been put under the spotlight in Russia in recent years, as Vladimir Putin continues his campaign to eradicate their influence and control from his country.

Putin Getting Ready To Oppose New World Order

AnonHQ reports: Many rumors have gone around about the connection between Rothschilds and New World Order.

Due to the family having connections with many different establishments the conflict of interests simply cannot be ignored. It was said that Putin is getting his people ready to put up a fight opposing New World Order, which the powers that be set up and who have control over almost all of the government, media, and banks in the world.

It was said that Putin wants to get rid of international banking systems and begin afresh with a nationalistic platform that has the backing of thousands of tons of gold along with alliances in Europe, the Middle East, and China, which are growing. Russia has a strong desire to become independent from the remainder of the world, which emerged while under Putin’s ruling and this has shown itself in many different ways.

Russia Is Setting Up New Banking System For Independence

An insider to Russia said that the country is getting ready to set up a system of banking that is going to ensure they have independence from the remainder of the world’s banks, which is a bold move in the economy of today.

The Rothschild family are of course well-known for having ownership of the banking systems, and they have money in numerous countries around the globe. Now it looks like Russia wants to put distance between themselves and the corrupt system, a system that has up to now ruled the way that money changes hands for such a long time.

Russia is said to have developed and implemented successfully and alternative if they are excluded from the banking systems. The banking sector is the biggest vulnerability of Russia. They did not want to have to rely on the SWIFT system of international banks. This is a fast and supposedly secure way of transferring money, and it has been used for over 50 years.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. That documentary does not mention their involvement in drug/sex/children/organ trafficking, satanic rituals, etc.

    • Article 154, 155 of the Treaty of Neuilly 1919 provides” (The Rothschilds) undertake, on condition that reciprocity is accorded in these matters…” And although the Treaty of Algeciras will allow the Rothschilds to have their own bank in their own territory no unbalanced trade or unfair competition is permitted that results in a servitude over any group of people or State. The debts they claim to own are illegal and void in International Law.

        • I have no responsibility to educate anybody, and if you choose to clean your bum with your left hand I will not interfere.

          • For someone who writes sentences without verbs your chance of educating anyone would appear to be slim. On the other hand your chances of of being an asshole …

          • It appears your interpretation of Article 53 Of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties “Treaties conflicting with a peremptory norm of general international law (“jus cogens”)…”. includes the use of Article 31 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in your arguments.

          • More meaningless bollocks. I can only think you have a drug habit.

          • I do respect what happens to preoccupy your mind and the Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export, and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property no doubt insures that I am not in a position to get your interpretation as to what drugs or type of bollocks you refer to.

          • Here’s what those Articles actually say. Your version is total bullshit.


            Bulgaria undertakes to adopt all the necessary legislative and administrative measures to protect goods the produce or manufacture of any one of the Allied and Associated Powers from all forms of unfair competition in commercial transactions.

            Bulgaria undertakes to prohibit and repress by seizure and by other appropriate remedies the importation, exportation, manufacture, distribution, sale or offering for sale in her territory of all goods bearing upon themselves or their usual get-up or wrappings any marks, names, devices or descriptions whatsoever which are calculated to convey, directly or indrectly, a false indication of the origin, type, nature or special characteristics of such goods.

            ARTICLE 155.

            Bulgaria undertakes, on condition that reciprocity is accorded in these matters, to respect any law, or any administrative or judicial decision given in conformity with such law, in force in any Allied or Associated State and duly communicated to her by the proper authorities, defining or regulating the right to any regional appellation in respect of wines or spirits produced in the State to which the region belongs or the conditions under which the use of any such appellation may be permitted and the impor tation, exportation, manufacture distribution, saie or offering for sale of products or articles bearing regional appellations inconsistent with such law or order shall be prohibited by Bulgaria and repressed by the measures prescribed in the preceding Article.

  2. I read several years ago that Putin had shut down Rothschild central banks and became independent.

  3. gold is the best and russia has said this many times. central banks steal from each country involved.

  4. Well, this means that the rothschilds will release the hounds on Russia, just like they did with the Czar and Hitler, syria, and Iraq, and Iran.
    Putin should send out hits on the roths and soros, we need a repeat of the “night of the long knives” with the western bankers at the targets.
    I say hyper missile their mansions.

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