Schiff Says US ‘In Debt’ To Hollywood, Entertainment Industry – Must Repay Debt With ‘Relief Package’

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The United States is "in debt" to the entertainment industry, including Hollywood, and the nation must repay this debt by providing "entertainment industry professionals" with a government financial relief, according to Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff.

The United States is “in debt” to the entertainment industry, including Hollywood, and the nation must repay this debt by providing “entertainment industry professionals” with government financial relief, according to Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff.

Schiff’s plea followed the release of a widely-panned celebrity sing-a-long video, in which various noted entertainers joined together to produce a “We Are the World”-like video, singing John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Writing an op-ed in Variety magazine, Rep. Schiff called on Congress to give taxpayer-funded benefits to industry professionals, including actors, as part of the government’s coronavirus stimulus package.

Congress has already passed bipartisan legislation to help protect the health and financial security of families across the country as we confront this unprecedented challenge.

But we will need to pass a much larger relief package, and do so soon, including direct payments to Americans to help them weather this storm. Entertainment workers must not be left behind. ” – Rep. Adam Schiff, Variety.

According to Adam Schiff, Americans are “even more in debt” to the industry and entertainers because of the “support” they have provided during the coronavirus lockdown.

Rep. Adam Schiff pictured with Hollywood actor Jussie Smollet at a Resist event in 2017.

Speaking to industry trade website Deadline on Thursday, Schiff insisted that entertainment industry workers, including actors, must be included in any congressional coronavirus relief bill.

Schiff’s celebrity-friendly demand came three days before Democrats on Sunday blocked a bill that sought to provide much-needed stimulus for the economy and relief for American workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Schiff’s congressional district includes Hollywood and other parts of the greater Los Angeles area and he said the freelance and contract-work nature of the industry made many unable to claim unemployment compensation and other benefits. 

Beyond those few regularly seen on screen are many dozens or hundreds of other workers,” Schiff wrote in Variety. “They operate the cameras, build the sets, create the lighting and write the scripts. They provide security for live audiences, assist the producers, market the show and ensure distribution. And yes, they also act, appear as extras, scout the locations, provide the makeup, and so much more.”

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Baxter Dmitry

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    • I turned my cable off, and have seen two movies at the theater in 25 years, the garbage i do watch are for free on the internet. I rarely can watch them to the end. Hollywood has probably made about 200 dollars off me in 20-25 years.

    • ……….throw out the television set and fire them and the lying media in one fell swoop.

  1. The Hollywood PEDO organization can go to HELL – never going to see or DTV pay for another one of their movies every again!

    • Everyone hates Hollywood, yet they somehow still manage to stay in business. Everyone must boycott Hollywood if we are going to have an impact on these cretins.

  2. They should jail them as sexual predators rapists pedophiles and mafia cohorts all representing foreign powers

  3. Nay. I wouldn’t take what passes for entertainment these days if they gave it to me. I certainly wouldn’t want my tax dollars supporting it.

  4. Hopefully it’s for the actually working people like camera operators, set builders, lighting, etc. Not the elite who already have 3 vacation homes.

  5. Nurses, doctors, first responders, supermarket employees, truckers, are the real heroes of this crisis. Hollywood is full of morrons that are a pure waste of oxygen and could actually help the environment if they didn’t exist.

  6. I and the government owe them nothing. They don’t need the money with the millions they have made over the years. I’m tired of their opinions to. I don’t need them but they need me to have a job. Not all to impressed with movies and shows these days either. I miss the old time television shows and movies and actors and actresses that had some core values. No they do not need relief and in many cases they could help out the country for a change

  7. You have got to be shittin me. Relief for millionaire snobs. That’s rich. We don’t owe them nothing. Screw them. I hope they all get the virus and die.

  8. ………..Hanging out with Smollett in 2017. That Schiff is even employed is proof as to how absolutely broken the system is.

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