School Who Put 12 Yr Old Boy In Isolation For Wearing Shorts Say He Can Wear A Skirt Instead

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school boy Archie Thompson

12-year-old Archie Thompson was placed in isolation for wearing shorts to school during the hot weather.

The school boy was told by staff at Fullhurst Community College, in Braunstone, Leicester, that he could wear a skirt instead.

Archie’s mother, Leanne McDowall has, not surprisingly, expressed her outrage at the school’s reaction when her son showed up in black, knee-length shorts rather than long trousers last Thursday, when the temperatures reached 30C and above.

The Mirror reports: The mum argued that the shorts “did not look out of place” and, considering the scorching weather, she didn’t anticipate any issues.

However, Ms McDowall received a call from the school while at work, reports Leicestershire Live. The school demanded she either bring him trousers, take him home, or he would remain in isolation. Adding insult to injury, she was informed that the Year 8 student could opt to wear a skirt instead of the shorts if he so desired.

“I was outraged at that comment to be honest,” she admitted. “He can wear a skirt but he’s not allowed to wear shorts.

“He’s a boy, he doesn’t want to wear a skirt. In this day and age, with the prevalent bullying culture… I think it’s an outrage. He identifies as a male. I just think they’ve gone well over the top. They’re not looking after the well-being of the kids.”

Ms McDowall decided to collect her son Archie from school rather than let him endure a day in isolation. She expressed her frustration, stating: “Isolation is a punishment for unruly behaviour. It’s a punishment. He has a right to an education, and they have taken him out of his classes and he is missing his lessons because he’s wearing shorts. He wasn’t allowed to go out into the playground at break time.”

She defended her son’s choice of attire, arguing: “It’s not forever, it’s just a pair of shorts while it’s hot. They were plain, black shorts, it’s not like they were neon pink or anything like that. Just cheap shorts from Primark. Just normal, black shorts. It [was] really hot. It’s awful. It was 28 degrees.”

Despite the previous day’s events, Ms McDowall sent Archie back to school the following day, once again clad in shorts. She alleged that the school attempted to place him in isolation again, but she stood her ground, insisting he be allowed to return to his regular classes, which he did.

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