Schwarzenegger Teams Up With John Podesta In Attempt To Rebrand ‘Climate Change’

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We must terminate 'pollution' says Schwarzenegger

Shwarzenegger John Podesta

Biden’s climate czar John Podesta has joined forces with former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to plot ways to trick the public into buying the globalist climate change narrative.

The two teamed up at the Hollywood star’s “Austrian World Summit” this week where the terminator star said we need to start terminating “pollution”!

He said, one such scheme is possibly getting rid of the term “climate change” altogether in favor of the more visible enemy of “pollution.”

Infowars reports: Schwarzenegger told MSNBC in an interview this week: “I think this whole climate change dialogue is not going to work. I think this has been used for the last few decades. I think we should address it directly what it is, which is ‘pollution.’ We want to terminate pollution. That is the message we should get out there”

During the interview, Schwarzenegger was flanked by Biden climate czar and former Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, who was recently tapped by Biden to serve “as Senior Advisor to the President for Clean Energy Innovation and Implementation.”

Amid Schwarzenegger’s keynote speech, he also called on the world to rid itself of “fossil fuel” use, saying, “I see a world where fossil fuels are actually a fossil, a relic of our past left to history. A world that chooses the future instead of the past. A world where solar, wind, water, batteries, and clean nuclear power have replaced coal, oil, and natural gas.”

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