Lula da Silva Orders Officials to ‘Forcibly Inject Protestors’ With COVID Vaccines As ‘Punishment’

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Lula da Silva officials begin forcibly injecting protestors with Covid-19 jabs as punishment for dissent

Newly installed Brazilian President Lula da Silva has ordered officials to begin forcibly injecting protestors with COVID-19 vaccines as punishment for their dissent.

The Young Global Leader says he wants to send a warning message to pro-Bolsonaro supporters by putting his political enemies in makeshift cells and injecting them with toxic mRNA jabs.

So far the Lula da Silva regime has arrested almost 2,000 protestors who dared to question the result of the 2022 election in Brazil. reports: Approximately seven hundred sixty-three of the protestors are being charged with invasion and depredation of public buildings in Praca dos Tres Pederes. They are currently being screened for disease, forcibly vaccinated, and sent to makeshift cells, as they await further punishment. The prisoners are appealing to Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court for a request for freedom.

Brazilian political prisoners are force injected with covid-19 death shots

According to the Federal District government, the number of individuals rounded up so far include 498 men and 265 women. The men are being sent to the Papuda Provisional Detention Center and the women are being separated and sent to separate structures at Colmeia. Journalists on the ground have provided details about the conditions that these political prisoners face. The prisoners are issued a uniform and a rolled-up mattress, without a pillow or blanket. They are handed a hygiene kit that includes soap, feminine pads, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. The cells come in different sizes and can hold several detainees. A bathroom is available in the cell. All cell phones are confiscated. Detainees who support Bolsonaro are separated from the other prisoners.

Most shocking, the detainees are treated liked medical slaves. They are forced to undergo medical tests and be subject to covid-19 jabs. A medical task force was deployed to the camps to inject the covid-19 vaccine into the detainees, against their will. For many of the detainees, these forced jabs are like a death shot. Covid vaccines have already killed upwards of 32,000 people in Brazil.

Any detainee who is determined to have a comorbidity is also forced to take government-approved medications. The prisoners are fed a crummy diet as they await their virtual hearing with a judge and a prosecutor.

When it is their time to appear before a judge, the detainees are brought into a prison-like environment called a parlatory. These makeshift courtrooms were created during the covid-19 scandal by communists who sought to facilitate quarantine orders and physical isolation on the unvaccinated population. These parlatories are now being used to speed up the persecution of political prisoners, who are force jabbed against their will and essentially forced to confess their support for the Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva regime.

During these sessions, a judge appears virtually over a screen.  The detainees have a short amount of time to present their case to the virtual judge and the prosecutor. To speed up the process, thirty judges are deployed on screen to deal with multiple cases at once. A defense attorney assists the accused, yet the process for each prosecution takes around 20 to 30 minutes in total. Those who were caught in the act of damaging property are sentenced immediately. Prosecutions that lack direct evidence are sent directly to the Federal Supreme Court, where Minister Alexandre de Moraes makes a judgement on the individual’s request for freedom.


  1. IF I LIVED and he did this to me I would spend the rest of my life trying to kill him and his family at any cost.

  2. You deserve what you tolerate. Just look at Canada, just look at the US. Zombie nations. People are virtually dead inside, TV brains, helpless prey, not even a challenge anymore to the chosen ones.

    • Exactly right and by law bo convicted criminals are ever allowed to hold public office, even if the corript courts convicted them first or exonerated them after. If they were corrupt in convicting then they’re more corrupt in exonerating. The South Americas are historically corrupt since the conquistadors.

  3. The tail of the devil is functioning in the disintegration of the Catholic world “Pope Paul 13/10/1977.
    “The darkness of Satan has entered and spread throughout the Catholic Church even to its summit” 14/10/1977.
    So you see unaware Catholics have been led by Satan for almost half a century now And they don’t even know it.

  4. sounds like propaganda. note the source of this BS tale is natural news,run by a propagandist that censors comments on its site.

  5. So he’s talking about injecting the Covid vaccine as punishment. I think that is a admission that the vaccines are death shots. If they really believed they were keeping people from getting Covid you wouldn’t use them as a punishment.

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