BBC Host, Who Was Forced To Get COVID Vaccine, Suffers Massive Stroke at 45

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Fully vaxxed BBC host suffers massive stroke

45-year-old BBC host Jennie Gow, who was forced to take the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine as part of her job, has suffered a “massive stroke” according to reports.

In a post on social media, Gow revealed that the stroke has left her unable to speak or write.

Gow, who presents Formula One racing for the BBC and also appears regularly on the popular Netflix series Drive To Survive, revealed on Instagram and Twitter that she suffered the devestating stroke two weeks ago.

“Hi everyone, been quiet the last few weeks, this is because I suffered a serious stroke two weeks ago,” she said.

“My husband is helping me type this, as I’m finding it hard to write and my speech is most affected.” reports: She has received well wishes from several fellow broadcasters as well as Formula One itself.

The Formula One account responded to her post on Twitter, saying: “Thinking of you Jennie, and wishing you all the very best with your recovery, from us all at F1.”

Gow started in sports broadcasting with roles at Sky Sports News and BBC Sport.

She then started to merge into motorsport, replacing Suzi Perry as the broadcaster’s Moto GP host in 2010.

In recent years, she has also offered her voice as a co-commentator for the brand-new off-road Extreme E series.


  1. A triple jabbed person I know has, since being jabbed suffered with fluid in the lungs, now has needed knee replacements, has been rushed to emergency with heart conditions and now is cruelly suffering severe debilitating frightening lengthy infection from omnicon. Looks like death warmed up.

  2. Bullshit! Unless she was physically restrained by several people while someone injected her, she was not forced. She made a choice to take the clot shot to keep her job. She could have rejected it and walked away from the job. So tired of people claiming they were “forced”

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