Selfridges Opens For Christmas With 145 Shopping Days To Go

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Selfridges department store in Oxford Street has opened its doors to early Christmas shoppers enjoying the summer weather.

The store claims to be the first in the world to kick start the festivities and has set up a summer Christmas shop on its fourth floor, complete with 50,000 decorations.

Christmas The Daily Express reports:

Customers, including many foreign tourists ignored temperatures outside of 66F(19C) to start hunting for present even though there are 145 shopping days left to Christmas.

Geraldine James, Christmas home and decorations buyer, said: “Despite the summer weather, we’re in full festive mode here at Selfridges.

We’ve been working on this year’s Christmas Shop since Christmas last year.

“We have so many customers visiting from all over the world and eager to snap up festive souvenirs on their summer holidays, which they can’t buy at home.

“So, we have to make sure we’re ready to showcase Christmas decorations they will truly treasure.”

Retail expert Clare Rayner said people who like to plan ahead and spread out their spending welcome being able buy a little bit each month in the run-up to Christmas.

She also referred to the “massive influx of tourists”, particularly in London, who will potentially spend a lot of money.

She said: “Certainly, even in the supermarkets, it is not uncommon to see Christmas stuff beginning to filter in after August bank holiday.”

Selfridges opens its Christmas store… 145 days before Christmas

BT reports:

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