Sen. Lindsey Graham: Prison Time for Those Who Lied to FISA Court

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Sen. Lindsey Graham promises prison time for those who lied to the FISA court

Senator Lindsey Graham says someone needs to go to prison to restore Americans trust in the rule of law following the illegal wiretapping of the Trump campaign.

In a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity, the South Carolina Rep. called for Justice Department and FBI officials to held to account for using a discredited and unverified dossier to obtain warrants to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

“Every American should be concerned about the fact that the Department of Justice and the FBI knew that the source of the document had a bias, and they did nothing to ensure the document was reliable. It’s not reliable to this day,” Graham said.

“If the court does not clear this up and take corrective action, then why do you expect people in the future to be deterred? If somebody doesn’t go to jail, and if the court doesn’t hold those who lied to the court accountable, then we will have missed a great opportunity to restore the rule of law,” Graham said. reports: As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham has become a leading figure demanding changes be made so that Americans’ rights are protected.

He told Hannity last week that the FISA court needs to “take corrective action” after being “misled” by the DOJ and the FBI, or else “we need to probably do away” with it. Page, who left the Trump campaign before the first FISA warrant was granted in October 2016, is an American citizen who was never charged as a part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Hannity, who said he is getting “antsy” to see if Horowitz’s report confirms “what I know to be true,” has been on the extreme end of a spirited discourse among conservatives about how to approach the investigation. Trump’s staunchest defenders view it as being a building block to unraveling an attempted “coup” to take down Trump’s candidacy and later his presidency. Among the former officials often named for possible indictments include former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and former FBI agent Peter Strzok.

The debate over whether to raise expectations for Horowitz’s report, which is expected to be released in the coming weeks, was encapsulated on Friday when Hannity interviewed former Rep. Trey Gowdy, who is now a Fox News contributor. While Hannity argued that indictments and jail time are a certainty, Gowdy struck a cautious tone, explaining how prosecutors would need to find an appropriate criminal statute if their objective is an indictment. Gowdy has repeatedly warned his GOP friends who are eager for the “indictment of certain high-level officials” that they may be disappointed and has stated that indictments should not be the only standard by which U.S. officials should be held accountable.

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