Antifa Warn ‘Pedo Bashers’ Will Be Violently Attacked

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Antifa vow to attack anybody who bashes pedophiles

Images and videos have emerged showing Antifa activists holding a sign showing their support and commitment in defending pedophiles. 

The far-left domestic terrorist organization protested Mike Cernovich’s speech at Columbia University on Monday night, warning that they would violently attack anybody who opposed pedophilia or supported free speech. reports: One group was seen carrying an enlarged version of the banner, that took three individuals wearing Antifa attire to hold up, which read:

“No white supremacy, no pedo bashing, no Mike Cernovich.”

The signs were branded with the logos for Antifa, far-left organization Resist NY, and the NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association) which is a pedophile rights’ and pedophilia advocacy group.

NAMBLA is one of the leading proponents of the pro-pedophile movement.

The group believes that pedophilia is a sexual orientation like homosexuality and that pedophiles should be free express their sexuality however they choose.

The far-left organization claims that punishing pedophiles for sexually abusing children or persecuting them for being attracted to minors is an infringement of their human rights.

After the images of the protests began to surface today, many suggested they had been faked to discredit the rally, but video of protestors carrying the banners has also emerged. reports:

Images from last night’s protest of Mike Cernovich’s speech at Columbia University show far-left Antifa activists marching behind a banner that expresses support for pedophilia.

The banner, which is being carried by three individuals, two of which are wearing the usual Antifa attire, reads, “No white supremacy, no pedo bashing, no Mike Cernovich.”

The image also includes the logos of Antifa, the far-left Resist NY group and NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, which is a pedophile advocacy organization.

Some claimed the picture was fake, but a video clip of the protesters carrying the banner proves otherwise.

Others claimed the sign was made by pro-Cernovich people and handed to Antifa demonstrators to make them look stupid.

Even if this were the case, and there’s no evidence for it, the fact that the protesters didn’t even bother to check what was written on the giant banner before marching behind it doesn’t reflect very well on their intelligence.

Other protesters carried signs that expressed support for ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘ending white supremacy’.

The left’s embrace of pedophilia is nothing new.

The New York Times publishes articles saying pedophilia shouldn’t be a crime. gave a platform to pedophile Todd Nickerson to argue how it was all just a misunderstood sexual preference and produced a dreamy puff piece profile where he fantasized about molesting kids.

Twitter users responded to the image by pointing out how damaging it was to Antifa’s brand.

Following the violent events in Charlottesville back in August, many within the establishment left and the mainstream media embraced and openly expressed support for Antifa, despite the group’s history of violence and disdain for free speech.

Despite being heckled throughout his speech by far-left agitators and their pro-pedophile allies, Cernovich left the event satisfied it had been a success.

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