UK University Warns Bible Students Christs Crucifixion ‘Too Distressing’

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UK University Warns Bible Students Christs Crucifixion 'Too Distressing'

The University of Glasgow has introduced ‘trigger warnings’ into a theology course in case students get distressed when studying the crucifixion of Jesus.

The warnings were introduced for students taking a class called Creation to Apocalypse: Introduction to the Bible (Level 1) at the prestigious university which is part of the elite Russell Group

RT reports:

Popular in US educational institutions, trigger warnings were introduced to warn people about content which may ‘trigger’ a post-traumatic stress reaction.

However, critics argue they have gone too far and are at risk of making university undergraduates overly sensitive or restricting freedom of speech.

The Telegraph reports that in one lecture about Jesus, the University of Glasgow warned students it “contains graphic scenes of the crucifixion.”

Students were told such images would be would be flagged up to them beforehand.

The University of Glasgow also gave trigger warnings to veterinary students who work with dead animals and other students who discuss violence and illness.

The trigger warning phenomenon is appearing in educational institutions across the country.

Stirling University, also in Scotland, has warned archaeology students they would be shown an image of a well-preserved archaeological body, in case they found it “a bit gruesome.”

It also told students on its gender studies course: “We cannot anticipate or exclude the possibility that you may encounter material which is triggering [ie, which can trigger a negative reaction] and we urge that you take all necessary precautions to look after yourself in and around the program.”

A spokesman for the University of Glasgow defended the policy.

“We have an absolute duty of care to all of our students and where it is felt course material may cause potential upset or concern warnings may be given,” he told the Telegraph.

Forensic science students at Strathclyde University have been given a “verbal warning at the beginning of some lectures where sensitive images, involving blood patterns, crime scenes and bodies are in the presentation.”

Scottish Tory education spokesperson Liz Smith said: “Universities are meant to be a place of learning where concepts are challenged and tricky subjects debated.

“That will become increasingly difficult if they go too far out their way to ensure everything survives the politically correct test. Some of the examples set out here are patently ridiculous.”


  1. “patently ridiculous.” – yes, we’re raising a generation of SNOW FLAKES ! If/when society breaks down, they will need to smarten up fast, or “survival of the Fittest” will weed them out.

    • Not the Scots please, they used to be so hardwired when it came to independent thinking and so tough. Scottie is turning in his grave and so is Spock as there is no logic left in this world.

  2. Spare the Rod, spoil the child, oh do I agree when I see these directionless Millennials. All part and parcel of a long planned agenda when corporal punishment went out the window. By reducing all youngsters to the same level by forced political correctness they are automatically eliminating the development of the individual, the hero of the future. On the one hand the media has a free hand in desensitizing them to brutalities ( most movies ), on the other there is an overemphasis on a type of feminism, what a contradiction. It is very easily identified as a social engineering program, systematically adapted since the 80ties or perhaps even earlier. There is no mammal on earth that does not discipline their young to make them tough so they can stand up to any danger. We are not going to have the Clint Eastwood or Steven Seagull in our near future as the world no longer provides the discerning platform to breed such good stock of genes. This is why they are ready to fuse us with brain interfaces so we can function to their orders as the masculine opposition to this has been largely removed.

  3. These days blasphemy has become a ‘token’. To Romans it was a distinct witchcraft. Witchcraft by definition never denies merit or severe realisation. Crucifixions were terrible end of such monologues, unknown to contemporary nobles. One who is new must be known.

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