Snowden: Surveillance Is Pointless Against Terrorism

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Edward Snowden has criticised US, UK, and Australian governments for using mass surveillance on their citizens, claiming that they do nothing to stop terrorism. 

In a video interview at FutureFest in London, Snowden claimed, “they’re not public safety programs. They’re spying programs.” reports:

Speaking in a video interview at FutureFest in London, Snowden defended spying as a whole, but wanted surveillance to be done for a purpose and not to be conducted over all of us.

He referenced both the Sydney siege and Charlie Hedbo attacks, noting that the attackers in both incidents were known to governments already.

“They’re not going to stop the next attacks either,” he said. “Because they’re not public safety programs. They’re spying programs.”

“But the question that we as a society have to ask, are our collective rights worth a small advantage in our ability to spy,” Snowden added.

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