Soros behind Roe v. Wade SCOTUS Leak – Media Blackout

Fact checked
Soros found to be behind Roe v Wade leak

Alexander Soros, the son of Nazi-collaborator George Soros, registered a pro-abortion protest website two weeks before the Roe v. Wade SCOTUS leak.

Funded by Alexander Soros, The Jewish Rally for Abortion Justice was organized two weeks before the 
Roe v. Wade leak.

Just a coincidence, right?

The Bend the Arc political action committee (PAC) was declared by Alexander Soros via Politico to be behind progressive, Democratic, and Jewish values. Currently, Bend the Arc supports Democratic candidates while insisting that poor women, black women will be ‘hit the hardest’ by the overturn of Roe v. Wade. reports: The CDC has released data that shows 1 in 3 black babies are aborted, in comparison to 1 in 8 white babies aborted. Groups such as Bend the Arc that claim to advocate for poor women of color do not represent their best interests and disparage any belief that they are capable of raising a family of their own.

If Bend the Arc and other virtue-signaling pro-choice organizations were practicing what they were preaching, they would advocate for alternative solutions. Poor mothers should not be indoctrinated to become desensitized to induce death upon their unborn children. Instead, these groups could better these women’s situation by investing the hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations they collect into parenting resources such as baby supplies, job placement support groups, and even childcare.

Alexander Soros’ team twists the emotions of leftists

The Bend the Arc PAC claims that 75% of Americans believe that abortion is a right, which “authoritarian” Republicans are out to steal. The website goes on to call for an outcry of thousands to “flood the streets” and “join neighbors at a courthouse, town square, or federal building near and declare: Abortion is a right. We need to show a massive public outcry to push back against right-wing authoritarianism.”

Innocent supporters of a progressive, Jewish cause are faced with reevaluating the assumptions that they hold about such aggressive language. As a result, hundreds, if not thousands, of people will be marching on May 17 for a cause that does not align with the values they believe they fight for.


  1. Nazis think they gave the right to kill anyone they want. Its a trademark. Its because they think God tells them its OK if the Pope says so. Even if he doesn’t say it publicly As long as they think he will approve secretly.

  2. I was going to comment here but after a second I realized it wasn’t
    really necessary, because most other mentally healthy people are
    probably also thinking the same thing.

  3. If abortion is so important to them–then why don’t they lead by example and abort themselves–problem solved. Then the rest of us can live the life God gave us.

  4. The timing is likely just coincedence but no doubt Soros et al will be using this to foment riots.

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