South Korea Prepares In Case Of War With North

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South Korea‘s military is increasing the capabilities of its forces in case of conflict with North Korea.

U.S. built MH-47 special operations Chinook helicopters could be used to destroy North Korea’s command centers and leadership structure in a crisis, South Korea’s military said Wednesday.

Sputnik reports:

During the audit held in the Army’s Kyeryongdae military headquarters South Korean military officials said that the special forces were aimed to resist possible provocations from North Korea amid nuclear and missile threats.south korea

“The Army is seeking to have a special operations unit capable of infiltrating [enemy territory], completing its given mission and coming back in one piece,” Army Chief of Staff Jang Jun-kyu was quoted as saying by the Yonhap news agency.

The MH-47 series helicopters, which are considered to be supplied to South Korean Army, are modifications of the US helicopters Chinook, according to the country’s military. They are equipped with aerial refueling and a radar system.

The Army proposes to secure the capability to carry out special missions by 2018.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula intensified in September after the North claimed to have successfully exploded a nuclear warhead, having previously detonated a hydrogen bomb in January.

The September 9 test is believed to be the fifth and largest blast since Pyongyang began pursuing nuclear and ballistic missile programs. The UN Security Council condemned it as a repeated violation of its resolutions.south korea

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