Spider’s Blamed For Obstructing CCTV Cameras

Fact checked
CCTV cameras

Police in a Welsh town say that the long arm of the law is being obstructed by the long legs of the spider.

The spiders have been weaving their webs in front of CCTV cameras, making images useless to police trying to solve crimes.

Footage of the obstructions was shown during a recent meeting of the Ffestiniog Town Council.


RT reports: Cambrian News reports the town clerk, or Spider Man as they’re being called in the office, will now be in charge of checking the monitors once a week and “thoroughly” cleaning the camera lenses at least four times a year.

While none of the images from Blaenau Ffestiniog were released, other CCTV cameras have captured creations by other ‘anonymous’ arachnids.

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