Spoilt Saudi Man Kills Asian Food Worker Serving Him Shawarma Sandwich

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A Saudi man shot dead a South Asian fast food worker for not serving him a shawarma sandwich according to his liking.

Apparently the Saudi man’s food was served late and he lost an argument with the South Asian restaurant worker serving him at a fast food restaurant in the area of al-Aflaj, south of the capital Riyadh.

The Saudi man left the restaurant and returned seconds later with what appeared to be a pistol and shot dead the restaurant worker.

Warning: Disturbing Content

Saudi The New Arab reports:

The unnamed assailant has been arrested by police for the murder, which was captured on video by co-workers of the victim.

“The victim was a man who prayed regularly and was well-liked by customers,” sources close to the victim told local media.

Videos posted on social media show a customer arguing with fast food employees then leaving the restaurant only to return to shoot worker in the back.

An Arabic-language hashtag demanding justice for the victim has recently gained traction on Twitter following reports of the killing.

Translation: “The flawed macho culture of getting your right by force in disputes is a disgusting cause behind these tragic incidents.”

Translation: “A worker has been killed because he was late with a shawarma sandwich! Are people’s live so worthless to these thugs? God will give him what he deserves.”

Translation: “What this savage criminal has done for such a trivial reason is a tragedy! He must suffer the same punishment to deter others like him.”

Such incidents are nothing new in Saudi Arabia. In May, a Saudi man shot dead a doctor for helping deliver his new-born baby, which again caused outrage.Saudi

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