Sports Direct linked To Twenty Percent Of Zero Hour Contracts

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sports direct
sports direct

Sports Direct is linked directly to the derided zero-hour contracts, a symptom of the failure of modern economics, based on instant profit and Debtonomics (New economic term – Economics based on Debt, rather than Capital).

Official data released, points to the sports goods giant employing one in five of all zero hour contracts in the Retail sector. A far greater degree than other businesses in the sector.

The Daily Record reports: The sports goods chain – which is controlled by Rangers shareholder Mike Ashley – has nearly 15,000 staff in the UK on the contracts which offer no set hours each week.

Last week Sports Direct chairman Keith Hellawell was grilled by MPs over the collapse of the USC clothing chain.

At the time Hellawell claimed the company didn’t use the contracts any more than any other retailer.
He stated: “I suspect that, in percentage terms, we are probably not much different from other people in the retail business. It is just that we are so big, so the numbers are quite substantial.”



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