Stephen Hawking: ‘World Government’ Will Be ‘Pinnacle Of Humanity’

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Stephen Hawking called for a "one world government", arguing that the establishment of a world government will be "the pinnacle of humanity."

Stephen Hawking called for a “one world government” and “global financial authority” this week, arguing that the establishment of a world government will represent “the pinnacle of human achievement“.

We are hurtling at breakneck speed toward a new world order that will eliminate many of the concerns of the global population,” said Hawking, speaking at the Royal Society in London on Monday after being awarded an honorary doctorate by Imperial College.

The famed physicist warned that humanity will continue “hammering nails in its own coffin” until a “one world government” and “financial authority” is accepted by all sovereign nations.

Only when we arrive at this destination will the pinnacle of humanity be reached.”

The wheelchair-bound physicist has long been purported to be part of a cabal that operates through many front organizations to orchestrate significant political, financial and cultural events, ranging from causing systemic crises, pushing through destructive policies, and planting ruinous ideas in the minds of the masses.

It’s far from the first time Stephen Hawking has promoted the idea of a one world government. In March this year he warned that robots will destroy humanity – unless we relinquish control to a world government.

Since civilisation began, aggression has been useful inasmuch as it has definite survival advantages,” he said in an interview with the Times

It is hard-wired into our genes by Darwinian evolution. Now, however, technology has advanced at such a pace that this aggression may destroy us all by nuclear or biological war. We need to control this inherited instinct by our logic and reason.”

Hawking added that the best solution would be “some form of world government” that could “rise to the challenge” of supervising the developing power of AI and “save humanity“.

Disturbingly, world leaders, religious leaders, and cultural icons like Hawking are beginning to come together as one to preach from the same hymn sheet, encouraging the masses to accept components of the New World Order’s one world government.

The call for a world government, led by Pope Francis, Stephen Hawking, and countless elite political figures, is seen as a major step on the road to the New World Order that was prophesied over 2,000 years ago.

While these elites claim to be advocating for the benefit of humanity, in reality the call for global government by Stephen Hawking and other wealthy elitists has nothing to do with lifting up impoverished nations or “saving humanity” from climate change or robots – or whatever fear mongering idea they choose to employ.

Such a government would instead guarantee global surveillance, global wealth inequality and a world run by the exact same front organizations currently consolidating wealth and power worldwide.

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