Student Who Threw An Egg At French President Macron Sent To Psychiatric Hospital

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President Macron

The 19 year old student who threw an egg at President Emmanuel Macron, has been involuntarily institutionalized, according to French prosecutors.

The egg incident happened on Monday, when Macron was attending a trade fair in Lyon.

What appeared to be a hard-boiled egg hit him in the shoulder and bounced off withour breaking.

The perpetrator, who shouted “Vive la revolution!” was detained and an investigation was opened for “assault on a person in a position of public authority,” Lyon prosecutors said.

RT reports: The egg-thrower was identified as a 19-year-old student and was not known to the French police before the incident, Lyon prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday.

He was subjected to a psychological evaluation, which found “an absence of discernment and need for hospitalization” and was then involuntarily admitted to the city’s Le Vinatier psychiatric hospital, the statement said.

If he is deemed competent to be held responsible for his actions, the man may face prosecution for an attack on a public servant, the crime for which he is being investigated.

Macron, who is known for getting up close and personal with crowds during campaigning, is no stranger to being confronted physically by people who dislike him. In June, the French leader was slapped in the face. The perpetrator spent months in jail for it, but said he didn’t regret it.


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  2. It was a great shot, he should be given a scholarship at a top university. And why did we have to see yet another photo of this evil goblin? I’d much rather look at the thrower. Little micron, upstaged by a student. Hides the fact that he’s gay, but married to a tra nny – guess who should be getting mental observation?

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