British Actress Says Calling Someone ‘Woke’ Is Worse Than Calling Them N-Word

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British actress says the term 'woke' is more offensive than the n-word

British actress Cathy Tyson has declared that calling a person ‘woke’ is more offensive than calling a black person the N-word.

In an interview with the Telegraph newspaper, Cathy Tyson said she felt using the term ‘woke’ as a slur should be considered hate speech and be made illegal.

“I imagine some of the readership use the word ‘woke.’ For me, it’s as bad a term as an offensive racial slur,” she told the newspaper. reports: “The terms ‘woke’ and ‘race card’ are deeply offensive to me,” she added, noting that the latter “is thrown in your face if you make a criticism of anything,” while the former is used to “undermine” progressive ideology.

“Even the term ‘white privilege’ is very, very divisive. I’m not about sides.”

Tyson noted that her younger self wouldn’t have agreed to talk to a conservative news outlet. But she that studying for an English degree later in life “taught me how to open my mind to different viewpoints.”

“How do we all get on together? It’s complex, there’s a lot of people of all colors who are suffering financially, who are hungry, at the moment.”

Tyson rose to fame with Mona Lisa, in which she starred opposite Bob Hoskins and Michael Caine. The actress is mixd race and was born to a white mother and Trinidadian father.


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