Biden’s FDA Chief Refuses Latest COVID Shot, Raises Concerns Over VAIDS

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Biden's FDA boss refuses latest COVID shot due to 'serious heart concerns around mRNA'

President Biden’s FDA vaccine adviser has refused to take the latest Covid shot and has raised the alarm about the potentially deadly effects of the mRNA jabs.

Dr. Paul Offit is the lead adviser on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) vaccines committee.

He is the co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine and is recognized as one of the leading experts in the fields of virology and immunology.

In a video posted on X, Offit declared that he “didn’t get last year’s bivalent vaccine” and he’s “not getting this year’s vaccine.” reports: Offit further explains that he believes he is “protected” and doesn’t require more injections.

He then continues by warning of the disturbing spikes in serious side effects such as myocarditis.

“We’re going to find out about this vaccine over time,” he warns.

He continues by describing the whole approach to the mRNA shots as a “novel strategy.”

“We certainly were surprised by myocarditis and pericarditis and we’ll see whether or not over time when we’re five years into this, 10 years into this, 15 years into this, whether there’s any evidence of residual myocardial disease because the reason you have myocarditis is you’re making immune response to your own heart muscle,” Offit says.

“We’ll find out about that over time.”


Offit, one of the U.S. government’s top vaccine experts, has previously been a cheerleader for the Covid vaccines.

He has also praised the vaccine mandates that forced millions of Americans to get the shots or face losing their jobs.

Defending the first New York City vaccine mandate in the summer of 2021, Offit animatedly told CNN:

“It is not your right as an American citizen to catch and transmit a potentially fatal infection.”


However, Offit changed his tune at the start of this year when he wrote an article in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In the piece, Offit sharply criticized the bivalent vaccines being rolled out at the time.

He branded the rollout of the mRNA shots a “cautionary tale”.

At that point, he did not mention safety worries, however.

His raising of concerns about myocarditis and other adverse effects is a new development.

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium) that reduces the heart’s ability to pump blood.

It can cause blood clots, strokes, or heart failure, and lead to death.

Myocarditis is a known side effect of Covid mRNA shots, according to the CDC.

As Dr. Offit warns, we’re going to find out about this vaccine over time.


  1. It’s no one’s right to force an potentially deadly fatal injection into anyone’s body,let alone everyone on the planet.

  2. “We’re going to find out about this vaccine over time,” he warns. He continues by describing the whole approach to the mRNA shots as a “novel strategy.”

    …is this phvckin Joker also aware of the fact that 75% of the world’s population is being used as guinea-pigs for their ‘medical meatgrinder’…?????

    He will be remembered at the coming Tribunals, for sure!

    • They’re being set up . It’s a fascist style global entrapment It’s a multi pronged operation working in multiple layers and levels .
      The intention is to destroy democracy using a science and financial weaponry under the rule of law as Sovereign over all .
      They will happily indebt taxpayers for the price of the shots ,at their profits ,and then again in paying compensations ,leading to medical treatments ,again at their profits Double dipping because people are stupid They dont think .They act like sheep .Yet at the same time they’re not nice .They’re not honest They have no moral courage or fibre to even stand on their own 2 feet .

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