Study Reveals America’s Filthiest, Disease-Ridden Cities Are ALL Run by Democrats

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Study reveals America's filthiest cities are all run by Democrats

A new study has revealed that America’s top filthiest cities, which are often riddled with diseases, are all run by Democrats.

Outdoor company LawnStarter commissioned a survey that analyzed 152 of the largest cities across the US for pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction. They discovered that Houston, Texas, secured the number 1 spot for the dirtiest city, followed by Newark, New Jersey; San Bernardino, California; Detroit, Michigan; and Jersey City, New Jersey. reports: We then dug deeper and found Democratic mayors run the top five dirtiest. 

  • Houston: Democratic Mayor Sylvester Turner
  • Newark: Democratic Mayor Ras Baraka
  • San Bernadino: Democratic Party-endorsed Mayor Helen Tran
  • Detroit: Democratic Mayor Mike Duggan
  • Jersey City: Democratic Mayor Steven Fulop

Here are the top ten dirtiest cities:

On the flip side, LawnStarter found Republican Mayor Bobby Dyer of Virginia Beach ran the cleanest city in the US. 


  1. Left wing progressives spreading liberalisn are dirty Included in their freedoms are things like being on drugs, rooting everything with a pulse, looking trashy a d bring dishevelled morally mentally and spiritually. Being too cool to wear condones or douche,and so diseases spread. They don’t care about normal things like not dipping your wick in every stagnant cesspool or using a hanky to blow your nose

  2. I ‘lived’ in Long Beach, CA for 15 mos. THEE looooooongest 15 mos. of my life. An absolute crazy-town of a shithole…

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