Smoking Gun Video Evidence Exposes MASSIVE Democrat Election Fraud Operation

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Video evidence shows massive Democrat voting fraud operation

A Democrat whistleblower has released videotaped evidence of Democrat Party officials running a massive election fraud operation.

Hinds County Supervisor David Archie says his Democrat opponent cheated during the recent primary election for County Supervisor, and he has video and photographic evidence.

Archie held a press conference Thursday where he announced he has smoking gun video footage of County Democrat Party Chairwoman Jacque Amous bringing thumb drives and ballots into the the counting room and inserting them in the ES&S machines.

David Archie told reporters he also has photos of the blatant cheating.

WAPT 16 reported:

Archie claims that the chairperson of the Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee, Jacqueline Amos, tampered with the elections.

The supervisor provided what he called evidence of her conspiracy correspondence.

It was a picture of a text message conversation supposedly sent to Amos that read, “Hey, don’t let them cheat Deborah Dixon out of her election. She won fair and square.”

The transcript claims Amos responded, “She won, but I’m going to (expletive) David Archie on site!!!”

“We have videotape of Jacque Amos going into boxes, bringing in thumb drives, bringing in ballots to be inserted into machines. We have pictures of Jacque Amos participating in what we think that is fraud as well as corruption,” Archie said.

The supervisor did not share his alleged evidence.

Amos issued a statement saying, “The Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee conducted the August 8th Democratic Primary in keeping with applicable state law. The Executive Committee has canvassed the returns and certified the results of the August 8th primary. Those results speak for themselves, as does relevant state law for anyone seeking to contest the certification of the votes duly cast on August 8th. We understand that one candidate who lost, namely David Archie, has decided to challenge the results of the August 8, 2023, primary. He has the right to challenge the results. We stand ready for the challenge and will cooperate however necessary.”

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