Swedish Police Discover ‘Sadistic Pedophile Ring’

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Swedish police discover sadistic pedophile network

Swedish police have uncovered and dismantled a huge sadistic pedophile network in Sweden resulting in the arrest of seven men connected to the pedophile ring. 

According to WikiLeaks, the Clinton Foundation had extensive influence in Sweden up until very recently.

The Clinton Foundation and Sweden have enjoyed a really close relationship in the past. The arrests have led some to believe that, like Norway, Sweden may have decided to cut ties with the Clinton Foundation following Hillary’s election defeat.

Bt.dk reports:

Seven men between 50 and 70 years were arrested on the basis of intensive investigations and wiretapping. They are suspected of sadistic abuse of children.

“This is very serious and sadistic child abuse. I’ve never heard of anything like this in Sweden before,” says a source with knowledge of the investigation to Dagens Nyheter.

Police national operational arm, NOA, received a tip about one of the suspects. The man has previously been suspected of sexual assault against a child.

Several of the suspects met through a telephone service. They talked about so-called “snuff movies” where the victims – in this case children – were raped to death.

The men detailed how children would be abused and killed with coarse sadistic methods. “It’s all about torture,” said the source familiar with the investigation.

According to Dagens Nyheter, it remains unknown whether the suspects have discussed fantasies or whether they have carried out their fantasies.

The arrests of the seven men had been planned for several weeks.

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