Syria: Terrorist Admits Taking Part In Staged Chemical Weapons Attacks

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One of the West’s proxy terrorists recently admitted that he had taken part in the staging of a chemical weapons attack to be blamed on the Syrian government.

During a broadcast on Syrian TV, Walid Hendi confessed to fabricating videos and photos for a Turkish TV channel while working with the so-called “White Helmets”

The aim was to depict parts of Aleppo being attacked with chemical weapons in order to blame the Syrian Arab Army.

SANA reports:

Hendi said that he joined the “white Helmets” three years ago in return for receiving funds from the so-called “local council” and financers from Arab Gulf countries.

Hendi said that they were told that there will be chemical attacks, and they were given protective clothing and they staged a fake chemical attack that was filmed by a Turkish channel, adding that they were filmed by two people called Ibrhaim al-Haj and Mohammad al-Sayyed as they sounded sirens and brought stretchers to transport supposed injured people, with the intent of posting these videos online and accuse the Syrian Arab Army of carrying out a chemical attack.

The terrorist also confessed to taking part in fabricating videos and photos depicting alleged attacks several times.

A Russian diplomatic and military source had revealed on May 4th that reporters working for Qatar’s al-Jazeera TV filmed a fake chemical attack against civilians in Idleb province in order to blame the Syrian Army.

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