Investigation Finds George Soros Financing Human Trafficking & Terrorism Organizations

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Investigators find George Soros guilty of human trafficking violations and terrorism funding

Italian investigators have found evidence that links a human trafficking organisation and a terrorist group to billionaire George Soros.

According to a March 5 investigation, authorities found links to NGO’s financed by Soros, which are involved in both human trafficking and helping ISIS militants to infiltrate the European continent. reports:

Using the guise of ‘aiding’ Syrian refugees to get into European countries, these Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) are actually shipping non-refugees from North Africa who are part of an ISIS run smuggling operation.

Investigations by Italian authorities and others have found that NGOs funded by among others George Soros, are actively financing private ships to smuggle tens of thousands of illegal North African refugees into the EU via Southern Italy. The human trafficking is reportedly linked to ISIS smuggling networks. If confirmed by authorities, it could potentially open the NGOs to criminal charges .

Carmelo Zuccaro, the Chief Prosecutor of Catania, Sicily, has testified to a committee of the Italian Parliament in March that an official investigation into the funding of a fleet of modern refugee boats in the Mediterranean by private NGOs is warranted. He cited evidence that the human traffic smugglers in Libya and other North African coastal states, often reportedly linked to ISIS or other criminal bands, were coordinating the traffic into Italy of tens of thousands of illegal refugees. Zuccaro reported evidence that the human traffickers either on land, or on board smaller migrant boats, call the larger NGO-financed rescue vessels directly to arrange transfer of refugees. That implies a very close level of coordination between the human smuggler bands and the NGO-funded fleet of ships.

Zuccaro announced that his office is investigating what he called the “abnormal” amount of funds that allows even small agencies to hire ships. Italian authorities have so far uncovered at least ten private Non-Governmental Organizations involved, among them several NGOs financed by US hedge fund speculator George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. – William Engdahl

The very definition of terrorism is the use of violent means to create a political outcome, and all across the world Soros funded organizations such as his Open Society have funded revolutions and violent acts of terrorism from Ukraine to Europe, and even in the U.S. through organizations like Black Lives Matter.

In the fight against global terrorism, it is unfortunate that politicians speak through both sides of their mouths as they are willing to aid and fund groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda, while at the same time send young Americans to their deaths in countless ideological wars. And more and more it seems that at the center of all the political and geo-political chaos is but one man, and it is high time he be incarcerated for the uncountable crimes against humanity he has both funded and executed.


  1. He has also given $256 million loan to Jared Kusher. Go on Twitter and #firekushner. Kushner is the one that has Trumps ear on bombing Syria and has brushed aside Bannon.

    • I sort of assumed the chaos being stirred by that threesome…was just text book Hegelian Dialectic. Could Bannonreally have been a constitutionalist? Never dawned on me that he believed his script for Drumpf aka Trump to lead the sheople willingly to the slaughter house.

  2. Sounds like corroborating evidence of the numerous alleged murders, and sexual perversions against our most vulnerable as purported by Pizza Gate. Soros is a perversion himself, as is his cohort, the Donald. Who having been the Judas goat has handed full control given him to fake Israel and the unHoly See.

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