Taxpayers Are Funding Sex Change Procedures For Transgender Inmates In US Prisons

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A Federal Bureau of Prisons memo has revealed that taxpayers are funding transgender transition procedures and treatments for inmates in US prisons.

Taxpayers are paying for transgender inmates to transition to another gender if a medical assessment deems it necessary, according to a June Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) memo obtained by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project.

The memo, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request this week, details the “immediate implementation” of a new pathway for inmates to undergo invasive surgery to transition to their desired gender.

It says the funding includes everything from instructions on how to deal with bearded ladies and their facial hair to surgery including removing, creating, enlarging, and shaping different sexual body parts.

TGP reports: The guidance provided updated directions for handling “preventative health screening, non-invasive or invasive surgical procedures and transitions of care.”

“Prisoners go to jail because they commit crimes and owe a debt to society. Society doesn’t owe them taxpayer-funded sex changes and things as absurd as facial hair removal treatments,” Heritage Foundation Oversight Project Director Mike Howell told Just the News.

“We have been investigating this disturbing prison-to-trans pipeline and have also discovered that transgender prisoners account for a disproportionately high amount of sex crimes. It’s truly revolting what the Biden Administration signed us all up to fund,” Howell added.

Just the News explained, “The treatment policies outlined in the newly surfaced document range from complex and invasive ‘gender-affirming’ surgeries to cosmetic adjustments like hair removal and speech therapy to change the inmate’s voice.”

The Federal Bureau of Prisons states, “Gender confirming surgery may be medically necessary and is considered on a case-by-case basis” to treat “gender dysphoria” or “incongruence.”

The report notes that an inmate does not have to be medically diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” but only has to confirm a “gender incongruence” to get the treatments that they want.

“Among the complicated procedures highlighted by the guidance are breast augmentation surgeries, removal of sex organs, construction of new sex organs from body tissue, and even the use of a prosthetic device to mimic a naturally occurring erection,” Just the News reports.

The FBOP told the outlet, “Concerning the funding of care, ordinarily, FBOP funds are utilized to provide medically necessary care for individuals committed to our care and custody.” The BOP’s conclusion that “gender confirming surgery may be medically necessary” indicates that these services are provided through its funds for the medical care of prisoners, the report added.

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