Teenager Sues Parents $250,000 For Naming Her Hillary

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A 17-year old girl has launched a civil lawsuit against her parents for naming her Hillary, a name which allegedly caused her a lack of opportunities in the dating world and employment market.

A 17-year old girl from Ohio has launched a civil lawsuit against her parents for naming her Hillary as a child, a name which allegedly caused her to suffer from “a lot of mockeries” and a lack of opportunities in life in the dating world and employment market.

Hillary Williams from the small city of Kettering in Ohio is suing her parents, Robert and Judith Williams, for “deliberately making her life miserable” by giving her “an outdated and shameful first name”.

In her allocution presented Friday morning in front of the Montgomery County Court, the teenage girl claims she was an undesired child and that her parents deliberately gave her that first name to make her “a designated scapegoat”.

They told me many times that I was an accident, they didn’t want me, and that I ruined their lives. When he was blind drunk, my dad admitted that they had named me like that in order to ruin my life like I had ruined theirs.

She claims her parent’s ill-intentioned plan has worked, and that she has to endure constant mockeries, bullying, and a lack of opportunities in life because of her name.

The young woman has even been “romantically rejected by interested young men” after they discovered she was named after the former First Lady, and has been told that her CV has been thrown in the trash by potential employers “solely because of my first name.

She says he’s tried to get a name change in the past and asked his parents for their permission on several occasions, but they declined every time.

My life is miserable! I can’t wait until I turn 18 and I get the right to change my name without my parents’ consent!

She finally decided to file a lawsuit against her parents in order to obtain a financial compensation for the suffering that they deliberately caused her.

Her parents vehemently deny her allegations and claim that they simply named her Hillary because they thought it was a pretty name.

Hillary’s parents, Robert and Judity Williams, appeared extremely nervous when confronted by the media outside the Montgomery County Court on Friday morning.

Every year,  a few dozen young Americans launch civil lawsuits against their parents for various reasons.

Many of these lawsuits are cases designed as “wrongful birth lawsuits” and are often pursued by children with predictable birth defects.

According to official records, this is the first time that American parents are being sued because of the name they gave their child.

The actual hearings, in this case, are expected to begin in November.

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