The Latest Mars Photo Conspiracy: UFO Hunter Sees Fossilized Fish

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Alien Hunter Spots 'Fish' On Mars

Mars is ripe with mystery. In the last year, people have claimed to see everything from a “reptilian” to a Star Wars spaceship.

Now there’s been a new sighting. A UFO enthusiast has claims to have spotted a “fossilized fish” in an image recently released by NASA

GeoBeats News reports:

As NASA continues to explores Mars through its rovers, believers in extraterrestrial life keep pointing out discoveries of their own. Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily says he’s found a fossilized fish on Mars.

In an image of the Martian surface recently released by NASA’s Curiosity rover, the surface of the Red Planet appears in black and white. Near the bottom of that image is a rock that does, in fact, look a little bit like a fish.

Waring notes on his blog, “Last year NASA announced that there were oceans on Mars and that it did look a lot like Earth in many ways. I guess this petrified fish is proof of that.”

So, is there something fishy happening on Mars? Almost certainly not. The so-called fish sighting is most likely an instance of pareidolia where the brain is tricked into seeing familiar objects in surfaces like rocks.

In the past, alien hunters have identified a bevy of largely inexplicable objects, including a large floating spoon, a giant mouse, and a handgun on the Red Planet.

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